The next Queer Spirit is planned for SUMMER 2023 - Announcement very soon!


Shokti - Core team

Shokti is a spiritual activist involved in Radical Faerie gatherings with the Albion Faeries and at Folleterre Sanctuary in France.
He awoke to the spiritual dimensions while facing death from AIDS in the 1990s.


Miqhx - Founder

Miqhx has worked as a drama teacher, psychiatric nurse and housing support worker as well as being part of a co-operative working with wholefoods, radical books and community arts.


Matt - Core Team

Matt is a queer spiritual activist, founder of The Welsh Trans Alliance and Triskelion Shamanic Drums. Working with LGBTQ+ community providing affirmative counselling and mentorship programmes across Wales.


Cnayl Rainbow - Techie

I believe the energies and sounds that music and lighting bring are an incredibly healing and magical thing that really shine out at festivals and really enjoy helping to bring that magic to Queer Spirit.


Daniel - Site

Daniel has supported and held many workshops around queer sacred sexuality, conscious connection and consent. He's a writer, counsellor and non binary trans man from Wales.


Billy - Production

Billy has recently returned from New Zealand after two years, working on organic farms and running a rented farmhouse whilst coordinating volunteers.


Qweaver - Energy circle

I’m a queer, sex positive, activist, poet, pagan-y, community-oriented being. I’ve run and co-run workshops and rituals in queer spaces over a number of years.

The Queer Spirit team has several decades combined experience in working in and creating festivals, workshops and other events in the LGBT+ area.

We work to draw upon the knowledge and experience of others so as to create spaces that are amazing but also safe and held.