The next Queer Spirit is planned for SUMMER 2023 - Announcement very soon!


Cnayl Rainbow

I believe the energies and sounds that music and lighting bring are an incredibly healing and magical thing that really shine out at festivals and really enjoy helping to bring that magic to Queer Spirit.

In my energy work with others I become aware of how allowing ourselves to connect with energy rather than the just the physicality of others can help us experience a blissful aliveness with everyone. We can even extend that and allow ourselves to "orgasmically" connect to the planet, and doing so really helps us feel the beauty that we can share but also experience the pain that humanity is inflicting on mother Earth.

In 2013 I founded the Quintasensual festival of queer/inclusive spirituality, sexuality and tantra, creating a special place where gays, bisexuals, straights, cross dressers, trans and more all mix in a safe and heart centred space. In 2015 I was honoured to be nominated for a Sexual freedom award for my work around the festival.

Queer Spirit

The Queer Spirit team has several decades combined experience in working in and creating festivals, workshops and other events in the LGBT+ area.

We work to draw upon the knowledge and experience of others so as to create spaces that are amazing but also safe and held.