Queer Spirit Festival is  17 - 21 August 2023, Tickets go on sale 8 am, 1 December    

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Guidelines for facilitators

These guidelines are for all people at the festival who will be leading workshops, rituals and ceremonies and are in addition to the general terms and conditions that are agreed by all people attending the festival.

We use the term “activity” in this document to cover workshops, rituals and ceremonies.

You will get one free adult ticket to the festival in return for holding three activities (or two plus assisting in other ways at the festival.) Alternatively, you can hold one activity and in return we will give you a 50% discount on your ticket. In all cases we ask the following commitment from you:

  1. We provide the main facilitator with one ticket for them. If you plan to bring one or more assistants, they must each hold a valid ticket, either purchased for the festival or allocated for another worker role at the festival.  If you will be bringing any of your children (under 18), they will each get a free ticket, however you must ensure that you include them on the registration form.  

  2. All activities you provide should be made available with no charge made to the participants.

  3. Time slots for activities are negotiable but in general we suggest 60 or 90 minute sessions. We do also have some 2 hour slots available.

  4. We will have a range of spaces available for activities - the large marquee, yurts (that can hold 10 to 30 depending on configuration and use) and the great outdoors. You can specify on your application if you have a preference. We will aim to accommodate all preferences but no guarantee can be made that you will be given the particular space you request.
    NOTE: There is a separate application form for sacred sexuality workshops

  5. There will be three types of workshops: (a) those suitable for all ages, which may be especially geared towards younger people, (b) those that young people can attend with a parent/guardian, (c) those that are adult-only.  You must specify the type of each workshop you will be offering as we will then ensure it is clearly advertised in programmes, on notice boards etc.

  6. We have a safeguarding team and ask you work with them to ensure that our safeguarding policy is followed. Although we will offer all assistance that is practical, you will have ultimate responsibility for all people that attend your activity.

  7. All activities will be pre-programmed before the start of the festival in terms of location, length, general description and age suitability and so once we have set the programme you will not be able to change any parts of your activity.  Please do therefore keep us informed of any alterations that you may want to make during the festival planning stage.

  8. The site regulations mean that naked flames, such as from tea lights and unenclosed candles etc, are forbidden inside domes, yurts, and other enclosed structures.   Fire and flames are allowed in the outside workshop areas but please do let us know about this in your application.

  9. We will have wood designated as available for burning in the official fire areas.   You must not collect any other wood from around the site for burning. Fallen branches are part of the habitat for wildlife and must be left alone.

  10. We will have an amplified sound system and some lighting available in the main marquee which will be operated by our festival technician. If you wish to use any of this, you should let us know when you submit your application.  If you wish to use amplified sound systems elsewhere you must let us know as part of your proposal. No electrical amplification systems will be allowed to be used on site without this prior agreement.


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