Queer Spirit Festival is  17 - 21 August 2023, Tickets go on sale 8 am, 1 December    

Queer Spirit Social

A place for all to connect before, during and after festivals.

The Healing Area

It is our intention to create a dedicated quiet space where treatments can be offered with a garden that festival goers can retreat to if they need time out or to reflect.
The Healing Area will have a dedicated workshop space:

Healing Workshops

The healing area will have its own dedicated workshop space this year. We are looking for workshop leaders and space holders for this space (this is run separately from the main workshops which have their own application forms etc)

We will have a regular daily program plus some variable afternoon offerings. The program is a suggestion and is open to changed based on who is holding the slots. All workshops will be free.

Healing Area Workshops Daily

  • meditation – 8am – 9am
  • yoga – 9am - 10am
  • sharing circle - 10:00 till noon
  • variable offerings in the afternoon, information tent will have the list
  • 12 step meeting - 6pm onwards.

We will offer a free ticket to a yoga teacher, a meditation teacher and somebody to hold the 12 step space and the sharing circle. You will need to apply in advance and agree to run your workshop/space holding every day for all 5 days, Thursday – Sunday. You will have the option of arriving on the 16th August as we expect the workshop program to start on the 17th August. If you are teaching yoga we will need your insurance.

In addition to the 4 core workshops we are also keen to have other healing area workshops. If you have something you would love to share at the festival that is related to healing please come to the healing area at the start of the festival and find Mary and we will add you to the list.

Healing Dome

We are a small festival and feel that having dedicated therapists is not the best option. But we know our community includes many amazing therapists and we would like to invite you to offer your treatments. We will supply a shared space and a couch and it is up to you how much you charge and when you choose to work. The wonderful Information Team will manage the booking of the space and in return for their support and the use of the space we ask that you donate 20% of your takings to the festival.

If you wish to offer treatments at the festival you will need to apply in advance, the application form is below. You will need to purchase a ticket for the festival or have a workers ticket, being accepted as a therapist does NOT give you a ticket.

Before the Festival

  1. Please register by completing the registration form and supply:
    1. A photo for the website
    2. Description of the treatments (including prices) that you wish to offer to be put on the website and in the information tent
    3. Your insurance documents, these will be held by the organisers in the production office for the duration of the festival
  2. Buy a ticket for the festival or arrange your workers place, being accepted as a therapist does NOT grant you access to the festival

At The Festival:

  1. The festival will supply a structure that will include a good dry ground sheet.
  2. There will be a couch you can borrow that will be in the space.
  3. The information tent will have a space for you put an A4 poster about your offering. This should include:
    1. What treatments you offer
    2. A photo of yourself
    3. Times that you are available OR how to locate you to arrange a treatment
    4. What prices you are charging
  4. The information team will keep a booking sheet for the space. If you want to offer a treatment to a client you will need to check that the space is free and then book it for the time that you need
  5. You are responsible for collecting your own payments from clients
  6. In return for providing a space we expect you to donate 20% to the festival. The information team can receive this money
  7. You will need to supply any equipment that you need such as oils/couch roll/towels/blankets etc.

Queer Spirit