The next Queer Spirit is planned for SUMMER 2023 - Announcement very soon!

Queer Spirit Festival 2019 - Joining Information

Venue: Whittlebury Park, NN12 8QH

Please find some useful and important information below that will really assist in making Queer Spirit a safe, welcoming and fun space for all. We appreciate there are a lot of words here, but we feel sure you will get the most out of the festival if you can take a few minutes to read everything. Also, if you haven’t already, we do ask that you have a read through the festival terms and conditions on the website (there is a PDF copy also available there) https://www.queerspirit.net/booking-terms

Arrival - Gates will open to the public from 2pm on Wednesday 14th August. If you arrive by car you will be directed to the car park. Please be aware that no vehicles will be allowed onto the main site unless you have purchased a live-in pass or we have authorised your vehicle for access needs (but you must inform us in advance.) Camping is not allowed in the car park. Please be aware that you will need to have a car park ticket for your car so if you are arriving by car please ensure you have purchased one from the website.
At the box office we will need to see your ticket - you can print out your e-ticket or show it on a mobile device. If you can not manage this we should be able to find you on our list if you let us know your ticket number and your registered name, however we may ask you to show some form of picture ID for this.

Departure - All participants MUST have left the site by 6pm on Sunday 18th August.

Young People - Young people are the responsibility of their parents at all times. Our under 18’s wristbands have a space for a contact phone number on and we kindly ask you to write one on there as part of the arrival check-in.

Access needs - If you have any access needs in terms of setting up your tent, moving about the site etc, please do get in touch with us as soon as you can before the festival, so we can work with you to find ways to assist.

Weather - British summer is notorious for being unpredictable, so we do suggest you bring sunscreen and sun-hat and also waterproofs and boots. Also an extra jumper or blanket for sitting round the fire at night. Also beware of dehydration in hot weather, bring a water bottle that you can carry around site with you. All taps will be drinking water unless clearly stated.

Green & Eco friendly - at the festival and the site we strive to be as gentle on the land as we can. If you plan to bring wet wipes, soap and other cleaning products, please do only bring eco-friendly products. Also if you possibly can, be prepared to take all your rubbish and recycling home with you. If this is impossible then please rinse and sort your recycling and put in containers provided. Please do not leave us to clear up your camping space when you leave!

Comfort - we recommend to bring a cushion to sit on for workshops, meditations etc (maybe bring your yoga mat too, though we will have some on site). Also “nesting” material such as blankets, throws etc can be great if you are thinking of going to some of the more sensual workshops. Camping chairs are good for carrying around the festival site.

Food - There will be a range of food available to purchase on site which is all vegetarian or vegan. You are also welcome to self cater any food you bring with you including meat and fish etc although we do ask you to be considerate of other campers. All sources of heat for cooking must be off the ground so as not to scorch it.

To help keep the festival as green as we can, we encourage everyone to bring their own cups, plates, knives etc which will get you discounts on food prices in the festival cafe!

Alcohol - There will be no alcohol available on site. You are welcome to bring your own, but only for your personal use.

Money - there isn’t a cash point on site so do bring any money you may need (eg for cafe, for healing treatments or purchases from the festival traders)

Mobile phones - the signal is not so bad considering we are in a field although we do encourage everyone to think about embracing person to person connection as much as possible at the festival. We will have a charging station that will be available for a small cost but please be aware you will need to bring your own charger unit to plug into it. Please do also consider bringing your own solar powered charge system as these are available at very low cost and help us produce less CO2.

Medications - please do bring any prescription medications you may need. If you need any special storage (such as a fridge) please do contact us before the festival to chat about this.

Festival Altar - there will be a festival altar space. Everyone is welcome to place items/offerings at any time.

Festival Ceremonies - we will gather for the FESTIVAL OPENING CEREMONY at 8pm on Wednesday night in the Marquee. Everybody is invited to participate also in the FULL MOON Ceremony on Thursday afternoon at 2pm, and the RITUAL OF EMPOWERMENT AGAINST EXTINCTION at 8pm Friday at the main fire. Other ceremonies include ECO-MAGIC FOR THE OCEANS and the FAERIE TRANCE DANCE on Saturday afternoon. Ritual and ceremony play an important part in the festival so do feel free to bring any sacred ritual items relevant to you. There will be a Closing Ceremony for the whole festival on Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

Workshops - please be on time for start of workshops if you wish to participate. Once a workshop door is closed there will be no late entry. Workshops take place in Workshop Spaces 1 & 2, Campaigns space and also some in the Marquee, some outside and a few in the Healing and Meditation spaces.. Outside workshops gather by the workshop domes. Some workshops are age restricted, this is marked on the programme. Unless otherwise stated, all workshops operate on a first come first served basis and if very popular we may have to limit the number of participants.

Queer Spirit Donations table - there will be a table in the village hall for you to bring your unwanted items – books, dvds, clothes etc. You will be able to take away anything on the table in return for a donation to the running costs of the festival.

Camping tips - for those who feel the cold more, putting a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag before you go out for the evening means you can come home to a cosy bed.
Although we will have lighting on site, a torch is always handy to have with you especially if you remember to carry it with you before it gets dark!
A good concept at festivals is not to bring anything you don’t mind losing - the site is a big field where things can get lost and your home is often just made out of canvas with minimal security.

Health and well-being - please do be aware that we ask everyone to be responsible for their own well being at the festival. If you have an on-going medical condition please inform the welfare team in advance and if possible carry evidence with you. We have a welfare team just in case things get a bit much for you but prevention is better than cure often. There will be a lot going on and you may be tempted to try new things which is great, but do always check in with yourself how you are feeling and remember it’s okay to stop and take time out at any time.
As a responsible adult we do also encourage you to be aware of safer sex practices and although we will endeavour to have safer sex supplies on site, please do consider bringing your own - after all, you know what you like best.

Safety - Please make sure there is plenty of space between tents to minimise the risk of fire, our stewards will be on hand if you are not sure about positioning etc. Please do not have candles, t-lights, barbecues or other types of fires/flames inside tents.
Gas camping appliances may only be used according to safety instructions and in the open air, or in properly fitted campervan/caravan (gas cookers and barbecues can emit carbon monoxide - you cannot see or smell it but it is a deadly gas and so you need to be using in conjunction with a correctly fitted chimney.)
Main pathways will be well lit but please bring a torch with you. Keep pathways/fire lanes free of tents and guy ropes. Please pay attention to any health and safety information given, for example at the sauna. Please wash hands before touching food and use hand-wash provided at toilets. Extra care around hygiene can ensure that diseases are not passed around. Please be aware of fire safety and supervise young people around fires.

Safety, Respect and Consent- we are working to make Queer Spirit Festival as safe a place as we possibly can. As lgbt+ people we are often reminded how unsafe the world can be for us and the festival has, in part, been created out of the need of lgbtqi people for spaces free from homophobic and transphobic abuse. Issues of consent are incredibly important, not just in the sacred sexuality workshops but all over the site: when we dance, when we meet people for the first time and offer a hug (there are many people who don’t wish to receive hugs), when we admire another’s outfit or hairstyle, and when we say goodnight. It can also be relevant in our conversations with others, when we may wish to ask personal questions or open up a conversation about an emotive topic. When you are unfamiliar with a person’s boundaries it is essential to ask. More on this in the printed programme or see also: 'Queer Spirit Ethos' on the website

FESTIVAL T-SHIRTS ON SALE ONLINE AT https://queerspirit.net/festival/clothing
T-shirts will not be on sale at the festival.

It's Lammas Time!
It's The World's Third Queer Spirit Festival

The spirits are calling! We are gathering!
The elements are calling! The animals are calling!
The trees are calling! The Earth is calling!
The rivers are calling! The ancestors are calling!
The Queer in me and you is calling! Above all Love is calling!
Queer Spirit is calling!

Come Meet Friends Old And New

Enjoy The Land And Reach Into The Sky

Let Your Heart Open And The Love Flow

Queer Spirit Is Here

Queer Spirit