It changed my life

The energy from start to finish was beautifully palpable and entrancing

Connected, Accepted, Belonging

Utterly 100% accepted and celebrated for who I am

A spirited lovefest like no other

Heart-opening, nice to be in fields with fellow queers!

A beautiful and unique happening

The ceremonies were all brilliant and they felt very special

A thriving experience, an eloquent education

I have never felt such a strong sense of belonging as I did here

Life changing. I made friends for life. Most amazing event of my life.

Loved how intimate it was

Thank you all so much for an incredible gathering of queer magic

Filled with absolute joy, love and spirit

A real feel of harmony and celebration


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Bursary fund

Queer Spirit aims to be open to as many people as possible. We offer free places in exchange for doing some work at the festival, but we also understand that not everyone is able to work. To that end we have a bursary fund that provides tickets to those who are would be unable to get a ticket.

This is funded by generous donations from loving souls who wish to see the healing magic of Queer Spirit shared with as many people as possible!

£90.00 Raised:

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  • Accessibility

  • Be a part of the 2023 festival

    Be a part of the 2023 festival

    Click on any title below to open up more information...

    Would you love to create an Art installation at the festival? Perhaps you love building gateways and arches or decorating trees?  If so you may be able to help us turn the magical festival site in to something even more amazing!
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Part of what Queer Spirit is about is in raising awareness and bringing about change in the world.  If there is something you are passionate about in the LGBTQI+ / Queer world then do get in touch with us to talk about being a part of our campaigns area at the festival.
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We will have a lovely big top marquee at the festival and other performance spaces, indoor and out, and so we are looking for great acts to fill the festival with music, cabaret, shows, performances, dancing.
    • Application form
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    A festival wouldn't be a festival without lots of things to do and so we are sending out a call to all that love to hold spaces, run workshops, offer rituals etc.

    The Healing Area

    It is our intention to create a dedicated quiet space where treatments can be offered with a garden that festival goers can retreat to if they need time out or to reflect.
    The Healing Area will have a dedicated workshop space:

    Healing Workshops

    The healing area will have its own dedicated workshop space this year. We are looking for workshop leaders and space holders for this space (this is run separately from the main workshops which have their own application forms etc)

    We will have a regular daily program plus some variable afternoon offerings. The program is a suggestion and is open to changed based on who is holding the slots. All workshops will be free.

    Healing Area Workshops Daily

    • meditation – 8am – 9am
    • sharing circle - 10:00 till noon
    • variable offerings in the afternoon, information tent will have the list
    • 12 step meeting - 6pm onwards.

    We will offer a free ticket to a meditation teacher and somebody to hold the 12 step space and the sharing circle. You will need to apply in advance and agree to run your workshop/space holding every day for all 5 days, Thursday – Sunday. You will have the option of arriving on the 16th August as we expect the workshop program to start on the 17th August. Please note that 12 step and sharing circle spaces have been filled, we will not be accepting any more applications for these positions.

    We are also keen to offer other healing area workshops. If you have something you would love to share at the festival that is related to healing please come to the healing area at the start of the festival and find Mary and we will add you to the list.

    Healing Dome

    We are a small festival and feel that having dedicated therapists is not the best option. But we know our community includes many amazing therapists and we would like to invite you to offer your treatments. We will supply a shared space and a couch and it is up to you how much you charge and when you choose to work. The wonderful Information Team will manage the booking of the space and in return for their support and the use of the space we ask that you donate 20% of your takings to the festival.

    If you wish to offer treatments at the festival you will need to apply in advance, the application form is below. You will need to purchase a ticket for the festival or have a workers ticket, being accepted as a therapist does NOT give you a ticket.

    Before the Festival

    1. Please register by completing the registration form and supply:
      1. A photo for the website
      2. Description of the treatments (including prices) that you wish to offer to be put on the website and in the information tent
      3. Your insurance documents, these will be held by the organisers in the production office for the duration of the festival
    2. Buy a ticket for the festival or arrange your workers place, being accepted as a therapist does NOT grant you access to the festival

    At The Festival:

    1. The festival will supply a structure that will include a good dry ground sheet.
    2. There will be a couch you can borrow that will be in the space.
    3. The information tent will have a space for you put an A4 poster about your offering. This should include:
      1. What treatments you offer
      2. A photo of yourself
      3. Times that you are available OR how to locate you to arrange a treatment
      4. What prices you are charging
    4. The information team will keep a booking sheet for the space. If you want to offer a treatment to a client you will need to check that the space is free and then book it for the time that you need
    5. You are responsible for collecting your own payments from clients
    6. In return for providing a space we expect you to donate 20% to the festival. The information team can receive this money
    7. You will need to supply any equipment that you need such as oils/couch roll/towels/blankets etc.


    As part of the festival we rely upon a great crew of people to cover things such as welfare, box office, information point etc. Enthusiasm and dedication are often just as important than previous experience and some training may be given.
    Please note that if accepted you will be given a code number to register for your free ticket. Your place is only confirmed on completion of this registration.

    Click/Touch any headline below to get more information on that role.

    This team will take tickets, check people in and issue wristbands. They will ensure any under 18 wristbands have a contact number written on them. Wristbands must be issued to everyone. Security and stewards will also operate around the main gate and box office area to assist box office crew if required. The box office will be open from 10am to 10pm. We will not have any ticket sales at the gate.

    4 lots of 4-hour shifts. Each person does 1 shift per day Wednesday-Friday, plus also a shift on either Saturday or Sunday.

    No food vouchers with this role.

    1 free ticket per person.


    9am-midday, Thur 17th August

    Total hours worked:
    16 hours.

    Working in one of the festival cafés helping prepare and serve food to customers and washing up etc.

    4-hour shift. Each worker does 5 shifts, one each day of the festival.

    One meal per shift worked.

    1 free ticket per person.

    9am-11:30am, Thu 17th August

    4:30pm onwards, Mon 21st August

    Shifts may be flexible depending on how many customers visit etc.

    Total hours worked:
    Estimated 20 hours

    Working in the crew kitchen to provide meals for all crew that are entitled to it. This will involve chopping and peeling vegetables as well as washing up etc. You will work under the direction of the team lead who will do all the meal planning.

    Team A will work before and after the festival. Arrive Monday morning (14th August) - set up the kitchen and work the shifts Mon-Weds breakfast. They will have the duration of the festival off, then work Mon (21st) and Tue (22nd) and take down the crew kitchen. (approx 15 hours)

    Team B will work during the festival (from Thu lunch to Monday evening) - 1 shift per day for 5 days. (approx 15 hours)

    3 or 4 hour shifts. Each person does 5 shifts in the kitchen. Team A will also be involved in setting up the kitchen and taking it down.

    One meal per shift worked.

    1 free ticket per person

    Team A, 8am Mon 14th August
    Team B, 10am Thu 17th August

    Total hours worked:
    Approx 15 hours in the kitchen, then Team A will work additional hours involved of setting up and taking down the area.

    This team will provide floating cover to the different team where necessary. It might involve doing a shift in the kitchen one day, then a shift with welfare and access the next, and a shift on the box office the day after, etc. Or it might involve doing all your shifts in one team if they are low on numbers.

    Expected to work flexible hours depending on what is needed, may include night shifts.

    Meals provided based on the team one works in. E.g. catering and welfare and access get one meal per shift worked, however meals are not provided for box office or info point shifts.

    1 free ticket per person

    9am Thu 17th August

    Total hours worked:
    Estimated around 20 hours, though this may be slightly more or less depending on what team you are allocated to.

    This team will be providing information and communicating with people. Their job includes holding space in village hall, keeping it tidy, answering questions and being a first point of contact for people - then pointing people in the right direction, holding site plan, programme, workshop schedules etc, selling stuff from performers table, hiring stuff eg drag, chairs etc, keeping eye on donations box and emptying daily, being a radio point, and a place for stewards at night, holding first aid kit (2nd one in welfare) and list of first-aiders, keeping list of local services. Set up and take down the space, be responsible for glamping check in and check out. Info point will be open daily from 10am to 6pm.

    4-hour shift. Each person does 5 shifts with 2 people per shift (apart from Thursday when everyone will be working).

    No food vouchers with this role.

    1 free ticket per person

    10am Thu 17th August

    Total hours worked:
    16 hours

    Details soon...

    Site crew will work on either setup or takedown of the festival. During the festival they will be responsible for general maintenance (including footpath lighting, area markers etc), fire & wood maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of sites toilets, sinks, showers and sauna and for litter collection/recycling control. They will also be responsible for fire control. Festival site crew team will work in conjunction with sites own crew.

    Team A will work all day Mon and Tue (14th& Tue 15th) and most of Weds (16th) (approx 30 hours)

    Team B will work Mon (21st) afternoon, all day Tue (22nd) and Wed (23rd)

    Both teams will be ‘on-call’ throughout the festival for emergency maintenance issues (Thu - Mon). Individuals will also be given specific tasks/areas to be responsible for, e.g. toiles, recycling etc. each day (approx 1 hour of work per day)

    Expected to work flexible hours including some on-call.

    3 meals per person per day for entire festival including set up & take down.

    1 free ticket per person.

    Team A - 9am, Mon 14th August
    Team B - midday, Thu 17th August

    Total hours worked:
    Estimated maximum of 40 hours.

    Info coming soon...

    All on this team will be responsible for providing 24 hour access and welfare support. This includes looking after the welfare of all at festival (including crew etc.) Liaise and back up stewards and security when necessary. The welfare team will have group peer supervision with an option to have one to one supervision at any point during the festival if they feel this is required. Welfare team are not expected to deal with anything medical - there will be on call first aiders available for that. Welfare area will consist of one gazebo and an enclosed private tent and will be situated at one end of the accessible camping area.

    For accessibility/access requirements, it is assumed that this information will have been communicated to us prior to the festival, but it may be that extra requirements will come up during the festival. This will include supporting people putting up their tents, orienting people to the site, assisting people with access needs.

    You will need to be available for a training day prior to the festival, date and location TBC.

    6-hour shift. Each person does 5 shifts which may include night shifts.

    1 meal voucher per shift worked

    1 free ticket per person.

    9am-midday, Thu 17th August.

    Total hours worked:
    30 hours (plus training day TBC.)

    We are looking for van drivers to assist before, during and after the festival. The roles are shown below. In addition you will need to log and record mileage and fuel use so we can reimburse you.

    * 4-Wheel vehicle
    We are looking for a 4-wheel drive driver who has their own 4-wheel drive vehicle. You will be moving items around the site for festival duration, including helping with access needs. Flexible hours for the duration of the festival; all day Thu and Monday, then for all other days check in each day with production office to see what needs doing- approx 1.5 hours other days.

    * Van driver
    You will need to own a large van (around 11m3) and will use this for picking up ‘tat’ before the festival - driving to the core team's homes to pick up items from there and other locations, then taking it back afterwards. You will also be required to assist site crew during the festival.

    2 people - 1 with a 4-wheel drive, 1 with a van.

    Expected to work flexible hours to fit around festival programme as well as before and after the festival.

    No food vouchers with this role.

    1 free ticket per person.

    4-wheel driver: 9am - midday, Thu 17th August
    Van driver: to be available for the weekend before the festival and then arrive on site by 10am on Monday 14th August

    Total hours worked:
    Estimated maximum of 20 hours 4-wheel driver, 40 hours van driver.

    Please do get in contact with us now if this interests you.

    * Something else...

    If there is something you feel you can offer to the festival that is not listed above, please do get in touch with us as we would love to hear from you!

  • Queer Spirit Festival, Summer 2023

    Queer Spirit Summer Festival 

    17-21 August 2023, Bridwell Park, Devon 

    The fourth Queer Spirit Festival offers 5 days of community, pleasure, play and enrichment for body, mind and soul in the countryside with camping space for 500+. The festival features ceremonies, performance, workshops, dance parties, fire circles, drumming, sacred sexuality, activism, vegetarian/vegan cafes, sauna and more...

    There is an accessible camping area and there are activities for young people. LGBTQ+ families are very welcome.

    What people have said about Queer Spirit Festival: "A spirited lovefest like no other" " Transformative""Utterly 100% accepted and celebrated for who I am" "The energy from start to finish was beautifully palpable and entrancing" "A thriving experience, an eloquent education" "Filled with absolute joy, love and spirit" "Connected, Accepted, Belonging" "A beautiful and unique happening" "A real feel of harmony and celebration" "It changed my life" "Heart-opening, nice to be in fields with fellow queers!" 

    Camping, Glamping, live-ins, accessible camping, camping with kids, community camping & more...

  • Safeguarding policy

    Definitions: Young person – anyone under the age of 18

    1.   Opening statement

    1.1.     The safety of young people and vulnerable adults is paramount and all, without exception, have the right to participate in the festival in a full, and age appropriate manner, and to be protected from abuse, coercion and exposure to inappropriate behaviour and language.

    2.  Abuse, coercion and inappropriate behaviour.

    2.1.     All suspicions and allegations of abuse or inappropriate behaviour on behalf of organisers, volunteers or public will be taken seriously, responded to swiftly and appropriately and all the festival’s organisers, workers and volunteers have a responsibility to report concerns.

    2.2.     Any allegations of abuse, coercion or inappropriate behaviour are to be referred initially to the safeguarding officer. They will discuss the situation with the person concerned, their parent/guardian or carer if appropriate and other members of the organising team. In minor cases, such as concern about adult displays of public affection, a resolution will be sought on site. In more serious cases, or if abuse is suspected by parents/guardians/carers, local child protection services or police will be involved.

    2.3.     All those working with young people and vulnerable adults should be advised on the signs, symptoms and prevention of abuse and neglect. This is the responsibility of the coordinator of the young people's activities and the safeguarding officer.

    2.4.     If a worker is told something by a young person or vulnerable adult: they should listen, not directly question, not stop the free-flowing account, make notes that include time and place, record the conversation afterwards and sign and date it and contact the safeguarding officer. Unless they feel it is inappropriate they should tell the young person or vulnerable adult that they will be telling someone who can make things different. They need to be honest with the young person or vulnerable adult about how confidential the conversation they are having with them is going to be. If abuse is disclosed, then this cannot be kept confidential. 

    3.  DBS

    3.1.     All people involved with leading workshops and activities primarily aimed at young people or vulnerable adults must have an up-to-date DBS certificate. This must be shown to the safeguarding officer before the festival.

    4.  Good practice.

    4.1.     An adult in a responsible position, e.g. workshop leader, assistant, welfare team, steward, healer, should not be alone with a young person or vulnerable adult. They should not ask the young person or vulnerable adult to accompany them on their own and should not ask them to leave the designated workshop or welfare space. An adult should not initiate physical contact with young people.

    4.2.     Workers should treat young people and vulnerable adults with respect at all times. They should not engage in physical play with them, do things of a personal nature for them that they can do for themselves, make suggestive comments to them or in any other way make them feel uncomfortable.

    4.3.     During activities, if physical contact is needed to support an activity, then this should be carefully explained and the participant’s permission obtained.

    4.4.     Activities that are primarily aimed at young people should have at least two adults running the session.  All adults working with young people should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Workers should not smoke while working with young people.

    4.5.     Anyone running craft based activities should refer and adhere to our craft guidelines.

    5.  Workshops

    5.1.     There will be three types of workshops:

    (a) those suitable for all ages, which may be especially geared towards younger people.
    (b) those that young people can attend with a parent/guardian
    (c) those that are adult-only.

    5.2.     It is the responsibility of workshop facilitators to make clear which type of workshop they are offering and this will be clearly advertised in programmes, on notice boards etc.

    5.3.     If a workshop is adult only there must be a way of closing the workshop off so that young people are not inadvertently exposed to inappropriate contents.

    5.4.     If a workshop leader is unsure whether someone is an adult, they are to refer to the type of wristband held by that person.

    6.  Lost/missing young people and vulnerable adults

    6.1.     Upon receiving a report of a missing/lost child, young person or vulnerable adult, the member of festival staff will notify the nearest person with a radio, the radio operator (or alternative) will then notify welfare, activities area, site office, info point and box office, using an agreed code.

    6.2.     Foundyoung people/vulnerable adult should be escorted directly to the Activities Area or Welfare Tent, whichever is appropriate, accompanied by two members of staff. Festival staff should notify welfare team or the activities area that they are bringing someone to them if they have radio access and as soon as is reasonably practicable. On receiving a lost child/young person, welfare or the activities area should phone the number on their wristband if possible. If this does not resolve the situation they should radio welfare, activities area, info point, site office and box office, using the agreed code. Also an announcement can be made from the stage at the marquee and at cafes.

    6.3.     While in the care of the welfare team, every effort will be made to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of the young person or vulnerable adult in a manner which does not violate their human rights. Efforts will be made to re-unite the individual with their parent/guardian or carer, as appropriate. If this is not possible or is deemed inappropriate, referral may be made to statutory agencies by the safeguarding officer, in consultation with the other organisers.

    6.4.     It is to be noted here that the welfare team have no rightto detain any person - be they young person or considered vulnerable adult - against their wishes.

    6.5.     A written record will be kept of any procedures or incidents and this will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act for a period of one year, after which point they will be destroyed, unless an ongoing investigation is pending.

    6.6.     Protocol for young people -Should a young person in the care of welfare or the activities area chose to leave, and if the parent/guardian is not reachable, then it may be appropriate to involve the Police or Health & Social care. The welfare team will liaise with the safeguarding officer and the security officer on duty. Security may be requested to organise monitoring the young person movements while the Police or Health & Social care are being contacted.

    6.7.     Protocol for vulnerable adults -Should an adult considered vulnerable choose to leave our care, then Security will be notified. It may be necessary to monitor them for their safety and at this point discussions should be held whether to involve Police.
    Any individual who is behaving, or expressing a serious intention to behave, in a manner likely to harm themselves or others should be considered at risk. Support from security and/or Police may be needed while the situation is assessed.

    6.8.     Picking up young people -Should the young person seem afraid or unwilling to accompany the adult coming to pick them up, then the young person should not be handed over until assistance/advice from the Police has been sought. Equally, should the parent or guardian seem in any way unfit to care for that young person then assistance /advice from the Police should be sought.
    If there are concerns that a parent may be under the influence of substances and therefore unable to provide safe care for the young person, staff should consult with the safeguarding officer who may seek assistance/advice from the Police if there are legitimate concerns.

    7.  Care and support of vulnerable adults

    7.1.     Any adult in the care of the welfare team who is deemed to be vulnerable, is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

    7.2.     People under the influence of substances may present with challenging behaviours because of something they have taken. Stewards should deal with any behaviours and involve others such as a first-aider, security or the police if necessary to protect the welfare of the individual or the public.

    7.3.     If a vulnerable adult is to be evicted from site, Welfare will work in conjunction with the security coordinator to ensure their safety and well-being is maintained. There will be a phone available so that all evictees get an opportunity to make a call to arrange for someone to collect them. All evictees must be offered this service. The festival may also offer support to assist a vulnerable adult off site e.g. escorting to taxi or person collecting them. This support should be offered in pairs and staff should ensure they take a radio or operational mobile phone with them. Should a vulnerable adult not wish this support but there are concerns about their well-being, welfare should hand over this information to security.

    7.4.     Vulnerable adults who require practical support e.g. placing in the recovery position, should be involved in their own care at all times.
    Consent should be sought in the first instance but if the individual is unable to give consent, practical and/or physical support should be verbalised and recorded in writing. All people who are unresponsive should be assessed by a first aider. People who may be affected by substance use and other vulnerable adults may request assistance with personal care. Should an individual require support with personal care, welfare team should inform the shift leader of this request.

    7.5.     If any personal care support is to be given by a member of a different gender, the individual must be offered the option of a chaperone of their preferred gender. As there may be issues around capacity to process information, staff should continually seek consent for any required support and ensure they verbalise any physical support to them.
    Personal care support must be recorded in the notes of the person, detailing names of which staff were involved in the support.

    8.  Photography/video

    8.1.     It is not permissible to take photographs or videos of young people or vulnerable adults without the express permission of the person concerned AND the parent/guardian of a young person.


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Let's celebrate

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2023 Tickets now on sale   17-21 August 2023, Bridwell Park, Devon

Queer Spirit Festival aims

  • to promote well-being, spiritual awareness and heart-centred community among LGBTQ+ people. The festival brings all sections of the community together to celebrate spirituality, creativity and build personal connections.
  • to highlight the unique and long hidden spirituality of same-sex loving and gender-fluid people, reclaim the magical roles we once played across the planet in nature loving religions, and explore what they teach us about our lives today.
  • to bring together 6-700 LGBTQ+ people, in a safe celebration of life, love, nature and the spiritual gifts and creative talents that queer people bring to the world.

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Yippee, just bought my ticket !! Me and my campervan are going to queer sprit 2023 😎

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