Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all

I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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Big Top - Workshops

  • Dance You, All of You

     Dance You, All of You

    Come, explore an express through movement who you are, what you are, moment to moment.

    Journeying together in this way supports a deepening of connection and a sense of belonging.

    Facilitator: Adam

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Big Top

  • Closing Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony

    Time to wind the energies down ready to close the festival.

    We will gather at the Central Fire (or the Big Top if wet) at 8pm prompt to send out our prayers into the world and our gratitude into the earth.

    Then we get to enjoy a final night relaxing on the land before home time on Monday.

    Facilitator: Queer Spirit

    Suitable for all age groups Location: Central Fire (or the Big Top if wet) 

  • Drum circles

    Exploring world rhythms, building technique, confidence, group playing and improvisation skill daily practice sessions and chance to drum for the SHAMANIC TRANCE DANCE.

    Andy is also offering informal 1:1 and small group mbira (ancient Zimbabwean trance music) sessions.

    Facilitator: Andy Fowler

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Big Top

  • Good Morning Yoga

    Good Morning Yoga

    Rise and shine, you Queer Spirits!

    We’ll breathe, move, and stretch our way in to the day, preparing our bodies for another day of adventures and experiences at Queer Spirit.

    Suitable for all ages and all levels of yoga experience, a practice to shift your energy, brighten your queer spirit, and get you in the mood to fully participate in this magical festival

    Facilitator: Tom Barber

    Suitable for all age groups Location: Big Top

  • Hatha Flow Yoga

    Hatha Flow Yoga

    Uplifting and playful yoga classes, rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy & the elemental world.

    Exploring how we connect to ourselves, one another and the wider world around us, on our mat and beyond. You will be encouraged to find space and stability in your practice and to make it your own; listening and engaging with your body to develop a practice which is expansive, grounded and empowering - physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Every BODY is welcome. Queer friendly & trauma-informed. I aim to make my classes accessible to as many bodies, minds and experiences as possible

    Facilitator: Leonie Harvey-Rolfe

    Suitable for all age groups Location: Big Top

  • OM & Bass Chakra Rave & Galactic Gong Sound Ceremony

    OM & Bass Chakra Rave & Galactic Gong Sound Ceremony

    Using the magical, mystical mediums of dance, yoga, chakras, laughter, music and love, to unite us all no matter your ability, age or experience.

    This inclusive, euphoric, fun-fuelled journey to spiritual liberation through raving and sacred sound healing is for every-body. Our ‘morning party for the people’ is all about connection, joy and ‘avin it large….in a totally cosmic way. This is your passport to the galaxy within yourself and within the community which we are all a part of.

    90 minutes of journeying with chakra dance, accessible yoga poses, galactic gongs, live dj and bad ass beats.

    Facilitator: Om & Bass

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Big Top

  • Opening Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony

    Please come gather in the big top at 8pm for the Opening & Welcoming ceremony.

    After some introductions and orientation we will process to the Central Fire to make invocations and start the celebrations!

    Facilitator: Queer Spirit

    Suitable for all age groups Location: Big Top

  • Osho Dynamic Meditation

    Osho Dynamic Meditation

    This is an active meditation, where the free movement of the body gets involved in a way you normally do not allow.

    This will enable you to free your feelings and emotions you are carrying in your body all the time, waiting for you to dance and give it the energy to move.

    Facilitator: Bamboo Albert

    Adult (18 and over) only Location: Big Top

  • Shamanic Journeys

    Shamanic Journeys

    During the festival, Triskelion will take you on a magical shamanic journey to meet the Lady of Avalon.

    Facilitator: Triskelion

    Adults only Location: Big Top

  • Shamanic Trance Dance

    Shamanic Trance Dance

    Sunday afternoon drummers and dancers, gather for our Animal Spirit Fest!

    We will call the directions, open the gates, invite in our spirit allies to dance with us and dance between the worlds.

    Highly recommended for drummers to go to the daily drum practice at 4pm, and for new dancers to go on a shamanic drum journey, as preparation for this potentially epic experience of collective consciousness!

    Facilitator: Shokti

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Big Top

  • Speed Meeting Games

    Speed Meeting Games

    Welcome to a mix of playful and authentic guided short meetings with others.

    You will be supported to be in choice and consent throughout.

    Whether you are hoping to find friendship, flirtation, a sense of community, a lover, a kinky play-partner, a soulmate, a festival buddy, or all the above – welcome!

    Facilitator: Rupert Alison

    Adults only Location: Big Top

  • The Divine Spark Ritual

    The Divine Spark Ritual

    This is a ritual for self-affirmation and connecting the divine spark within.

    The Divine Spark lies within us all, and we are all made perfect. This ritual is to fully accept and celebrate your divine individuality and understand the world and existence, glorified and blessed by the rich diversity you help create.

    Facilitator: Mark Black of the Brotherhood of Cernunnos

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Big Top

Social stream

Now playing, golden oldies!

Sanctity of Sound - Queer Spirit broadcasting to the Queer Community

Sanctity of Sound - Broadcast by Queer Spirit to the Queer Community and includes sets from our festival DJ's plus podcasts around Queer Spirituality

Preview photos now ready. Please let us know if you attended but haven't received the link email

Preview photos now ready. Please let us know if you attended but haven't received the link email.

Can anyone advise where further lost and found are being kept?

Buzzy Cnayl I would suggest sending an email to [email protected] 1 month ago
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