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Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

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I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all

Healing dome

Deep Sound Immersion

Fluidly transitioning through a range of instruments & soundscapes, working with the vibrations of the Drum, Gong and Crystal Bowls, get ready to embark on a journey with Sound to enhance well-being through Altered States of Consciousness, induced by Deep Sound Immersion.

Facilitator: Aeren (Flow and Roam)

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Healing dome

Exploring Consent

In this workshop you will be taken on a guided journey and invited to connect to the messages the wisdom held within your body has to share.

Pens and paper will be provided, and bring a journal if you wish.

This will be a closed session once the guided meditation begins, so please arrive promptly to ensure inclusion.

Facilitator: Kirstine Weaver

Adults only Location: Healing dome

Harmony Within Join a transformative workshop at Queer Spirit festival, exploring breath, vocals, and humming for holistic well-being.

Facilitated by an experienced guide, participants will delve into mindful practices, fostering spiritual connection through music. Engage in a harmonious journey within, discovering the power of sound and self-awareness in this enriching experience.

Facilitator: Athena Aperia

Suitable for all age groups Location: Healing dome

Heart Sharing Circle

The heart sharing circle will be open from 10am each morning for you to share whatever is alive for you, whether that be with your words or just with your presence.

Speaking isn’t a requirement.

There will be a guided somatic exercise, and agreements will be shared to create a safe container for the circle.

Facilitator: Yolanda

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Healing dome

Homeopathic First Aid

Come and be empowered to learn new techniques of healing with homeopathy.

In a world where traditional healthcare structures are now less reliable than ever, this simple and powerful method of healing is a gift.

Francis will guide you through the use of a standard homeopathic first aid kit with confidence and ease.

Facilitator: Francis Rushby

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Healing dome

Morning Meditation

Every day will have a different focus. During the first part you will have the opportunity to practice and feel by yourself.

During the second part there will be an opportunity for everyone to share about their day’s experience in a heart circle setting.

No experience or knowledge is needed, and you can step in whenever you want.  

Facilitator: Bamboo Albert

Suitable for all age groupsSuitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Healing dome - Meet at 8:00am

Not in Front of the Client?

This workshop for counsellors and therapists offers an opportunity to reflect on and share our ethical dilemmas arising from living and working as therapists, and test our thinking about how to handle the challenges of meeting clients outside the consulting room.

We’ll explore how to develop strategies which can help both clients and therapists navigate boundary dilemmas.

Facilitator: Dominic Davies

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Healing dome

POC Healing Circle

We start with some grounding breaths and a short meditation.

 Each person will have the chance to be seen and listened to without interruption, and we will end with a group discussion and a healing meditation.

Facilitator: Alexis Lee

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Healing dome

Recovery Group

We can be addicted to (or have compulsions and obsessions about) many things. Alcohol, drugs, food, work and relationships to name a few. We can also be affected when someone we love is in addiction.

12 Step Recovery Groups at Queer Spirit follow a general 12 Step meeting structure using the principles and traditions set out in AA. We will have readings, after which people will be invited to share without feedback or response - similar to a heart support circle. People with any experience of any addiction are welcome.

If you are unsure about the label of addiction or whether you qualify to need support - you are welcome. If you are curious for any reason about what happens in a 12 Step Group - this is an open space for all. We look forward to meeting you there.

Adults only Location: Healing dome - Daily 7pm

Stories Under the Stars

Gather under the night sky with storyteller Ace Armande to share in stories celebrating the stars.

Ace will teach you how to spot traditional constellations and share some of their stories, then we will dream brand new stories and constellations of our own, queering the night sky for ourselves.

Facilitator: Ace Armande

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Healing dome

Supportive Rest Workshop

Are you constantly feeling exhausted and frustrated with life?

 Are you feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do and worried you are heading for burnout? This workshop explores avoiding burnout and managing life through nurturing supportive rest.

Bring a blanket and a pillow with you. Primarily aimed at neurodivergents and chronic illness queers.

Facilitator: Bex Harper

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Healing dome

Tap Away Anxiety

We’ll explore the work of Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Field Therapy, the first of the so-called Tapping Therapies, based on using certain meridians, and very suitable for self-treatment of anxiety and simple traumas.

Facilitator: Dominic Davies

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Healing dome


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