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Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

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I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all

Important information about attending events in the sacred sexuality space.

Please aim to arrive at least 5 - 10 minutes before the start of an event. If you have access needs, please let us know as much in advance as you can.

Consent-policy          Covid-health-policy


Ancient Egyptian Sex Magick

Drawing on and combining the Hermetic practises of the Right and Left Eye of Horus Mystery Schools we will ignite and fuse the masculine and feminine sexual energies within us.

Using guided visualisation to activate the pineal, hypnagogic voice work to call in our priest/ess soulmate and self massage to propagate internally, Kai will help you awaken your inner Androgyne Warrior - the phallus of Sekhmet.

Facilitator: Kai

Adults only Location: Temple

Chakra Meditation

A clothed tantric workshop with music, where we will use breathing, sound and sensation to activate our chakras in two different practices – chakra meditation and chakra breathing.

This can unlock healing, wellbeing and peacefulness. 

Facilitator: Dafydd Tantra

Adults only Location: Temple

Embodying Conscious Connection

A workshop exploring conscious embodied connection to self and others.

The workshop will focus on connection to the self through breath, movement and touch, and slowly move to connection to others through exercises such as eye gazing, boundaries exploration, and the art of giving and receiving.

The workshop is in two sessions, on Friday and Saturday - participation in both is recommended.

Facilitator: Jo

Adults only Location: Temple

Embodying Snake

The serpent is an ancient symbol of transformation, renewal and sexuality, and snake medicine connects us with our ability to heal, renew and transform.

From these master teachers we can learn how to shed old layers, outworn beliefs and patterns that hold us back.

In this embodied ceremony we will reclaim the often demonised symbol of the serpent as empowering and guiding for our journey with Eros.

Facilitator: Eva Weaver

Adults only Location: Temple

Opening to Self-Pleasure

Emotional mastery invites you to transform any emotions that have you feeling stuck, anxious, depressed, lonely or even just sxually frustrated.

“E-motions” are energy in motion, as we allow ourselves to feel & process them, they lose their power over us & allow us to be in a calm & relaxed state, which is our birthright. When we feel calm & relaxed, we are able to connect from a deeper place & experience true intimacy with ourselves & others.

In this emotional mastery workshop, you will receive transmissions of powerful tools for energy transformation & nervous system regulation so you can own any disowned or suppressed emotions that have controlled you. You will emerge feeling lighter, calmer, freer & with deeper Self connection. Just like a caterpillar metamorphosed into a beautiful light butterfly, your emotional metamorphosis will allow you to let go of the burden that does not serve you, so as to set you free with more mastery over your life, love and sx.

These dynamic emotional mastery tools combine the teachings from tantric temple arts with the latest most potent evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques.

The Process:
Opening circle, short introduction, group verbal share, expert guidance of selected emotional mastery tools, active practice of the tools – solo/dyads/groups, followed by an embodied sharing of your experience.

What to bring:
Yoga mat Blanket Pillow Bottle of water

The desire to fully surrender to the process for accelerated healing.  Eat light beforehand

** No prior experience necessary **

Facilitator: LaMariposa

Adult (18 and over) onlyLocation: Temple

Everyday kink

BDSM isn’t all about squirms of pain in dark dungeons. It can be deeply healing, exquisitely intimate and… totally hilarious!

Bring to this workshop any objects you can find around your tent and in nature (incl a bundle of nettles! 🔥) that can be used as DIY floggers, pin wheels and scratchers.

Expect lots of fun and to leave with new play mates to try all sorts of things with before the festival is done!

Facilitator:  Paulina Tenner (aka Priestess Pow)

Adult (18 and over) onlyLocation: Temple, Queer dome

Getting to Know Your Genitals

This workshop explores the anatomy and physiology of the erectile tissues and pelvic bones, explains how biology is actually non-binary, and gives us the option of choosing how to own our bodies, with practice through self-touch and movement.

Facilitator: Noam Ma

Adults only Location: Temple

I Love You, Asshole!

Whatever our genders, bodies and identities, we all have assholes, the one and only universal sex organ. Yet it the one place in our body which often holds the most shame and trauma. In this workshop we will give it the love it so desperately needs and wants.

Through words of love, the lightest of touch, and some deep respect, we will open our asshole to the world of light and love it was born to receive. 

The workshop will not include any kind of body penetration.

Facilitator: Assaf Ben Moshe

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Kundalini Energy and Dynamic Meditation

A fully guided, clothed session suitable for beginners and experienced alike, using tantric techniques with music, movement, breath and sensation to awaken the energy in your body, purge you of negative energies and emotions, and take you into a state of blissful calm to celebrate your queer self.

Facilitator: Dafydd Tantra

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

For most of us, it is when we look at ourselves in the mirror that most of the voices of self-criticism come through. But as they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

In this workshop we will voice some of these inner criticisms, then turn to the circle, seeing ourselves through the eyes of others, from one mirror to another.

Facilitator: Assaf Ben Moshe

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Ownership of all Sexes

The second of Noa’s workshops, only for people who participated in the first session on Friday afternoon, will be about getting to know your genitals – pairing up and giving a whole body and then a genital massage.

It is possible to participate just in Noa’s first workshop, or in both.

Facilitator: Noam Ma

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Play Party

A play party into the night, with different dedicated spaces for exploration of practices and sensual experiences, for chatting and hangout and for time alone, in a group, or in pairs.

Facilitator:  Temple Priestex

Adult (18 and over) onlyLocation: Temple


Welcome to a ritualistic femdom experience for all those keen to worship divinity in another being in a hot, steamy & kinky way ☺️

Femmes and NB in female bodies are in charge (please dress to impress your Higher Selves!), all other beings will consensually serve. 

No better place than this to worship on a Sunday!

Facilitator:  Paulina Tenner (aka Priestess Pow)

Adult (18 and over) onlyLocation: Temple, Queer dome

Queer Feed Your Demon

A Tibetan tantric practice where we will do supportive energy work, followed by a guided meditation where you get to choose a ‘demon’ you would like to work on – anything that is manifesting as negative energy in your life/body.

Beginners welcome.

Facilitator: Dafydd Tantra

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Tantric Burlesque

Here you will learn how to use burlesque as a tool for self-expression and flirting, to help you create a playful, sexy and confident persona, comfortable in your own skin.

From hats and masks to feathers and fans, it’s everything you need to know to transform into a tantalising burlesque performer.

So strap on your nipple tassels and let’s get started!

Facilitator: Firefly

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Temple of Delight

'Every desire of the body is Holy'  (Haviz -12 century Sufi poet)

A ritual for honouring and celebrating queer erotic power

 Have you ever found it difficult to express your sexual desires and erotic longings without some sense shame or fear of rejection? Have you ever felt ostracised or judged for your desires ?

 This ritual offers a consensual space for you to bring your unique and full sexual expression into connection with other queer spirits, undefended, with freedom and ease. We welcome you as A queer human into a celebration of your own unique erotic luminosity, reclaiming all your desires as Holy. 

 The ritual will lead into a ‘Heart of Eros’ Sacred Sexuality play space where the portal will be open for a free flowing expression of erotic desire to manifest.

To get the most benefit from this ritual and for the safety of all we invite you to join sober. The workshop is consent based and all activities are optional.  

Facilitator: Jewels Wingfield

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

This Body, My Body

An intimate workshop in which, through brief words and mutual consent, we will drop the names, the stories and the bullshit, all towards exploring the naked simple truth that is our inherit beautiful self.

A place to witness the wonder, amazement and simplicity that is your body.

Facilitator: Assaf Ben Moshe

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

This Land, This Magic

In this taster workshop we will explore, or deepen our exploration of, the main aspects of land connection, energy work, the power of pleasure, creating a culture of consent, magical working through energy movement and intention, and breaking down assumptions around gender, sexuality and relationships.

We will experience our energy bodies, and share that energy with land, self and others.

Facilitator: Al Head

Adult (18 and over) onlyLocation: Temple

Unravelling Cunts for Fags

Born from a need for gay trans men to get more action, Cunts for Fags has evolved with Queer Spirit to include Dicks for Dykes and many other permutations.

This year, I am developing a toolkit for you to take back to your communities! 

We will cover energy genitals, receiving and circlusion, penetrating, muffing, different holes – bring whatever you think needs sharing with the wider community of queers so we know better how to be physical with each other.

Facilitator: Tessa Wills

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Vulnerability and Power

To explore vulnerability and power within BDSM, we will split into two groups, bottoms and tops. Switches are also very welcome, but for the duration of this space please choose just one.

 Before we go separate ways there will be a common beginning practice to land in our bodies, then each groups will receive the same prompts, in circles, in pairs and individually.

The intention is to reflect on challenges and on the beauty of feeling raw and unhinged and vulnerable in our BDSM practises.

Facilitator: Anna Pieck

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Writing from the Erotic Body

What happens when we bring pleasure to our writing, and write from a juicy, turned-on place?

In this workshop we will wake up our erotic/sexual bodies through movement, somatic exercises, meditation, breath work and self-touch, giving ourselves permission to show up fully as the beautiful erotic beings we are. We will then take this energy into stream-of-consciousness writing.

Facilitator: Eva Weaver

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

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