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Al "Earthsong" Head All ages

Queer songs for the planet and planetary songs for the Queers.

Earthsong sings original songs about being queer and about being pagan, about the cycles of the earth and the beings that dwell on it, about sex magic, and about how we act to save our planet and what we do to survive.

Alex Jupiter

Alex JupiterAll ages

This emotive singer will be performing an uplifting set of songs that will warm the heart and soothe the mind.

Alice Human

Alice Human All ages

Ambient sounds mingle with earthy, wooden pump organ; breath meets dark electronica; tinkling ukulele and rhythms collide in a multi-textured collage of sound experience.

Alice weaves dreamy vocal lines and layered loops with pre-recorded sound from urban sites creating the perfect space to ponder on the inter-connectedness of things.

Andy Twyman

Andy Twyman everyone


 When Andy released the first ever naked Christmas music video it hit the national headlines, leading The Mirror newspaper to ask "Is this the best Christmas music video ever?" With the topics of his songs ranging from chickens to Luxembourg via Pot Noodle, Andy Twyman blends blues with humour and rock and roll to titillate your ears, mind and toes. Having performed on BBC Three and Channel 4, Andy's reputation is growing as a highly original and entertaining act.

"The Master of The One Man Band"  Blues In Britain Magazine

"The audience were enthralled and entertained" The Hastings Flyer

"Andy's fantastic blues guitar work and off beat humour packed the tent...he elicited the strongest crowd reaction I saw all day"  Blues Matters Magazine

"His guitar sounds either stoic like John Lee Hooker or grooves like Bo Diddley"  Wasser-Prawda (Germany)

www.andytwyman.com   www.facebook.com/andytwymanboogie   www.twitter.com/andytwymanmusic   https://soundcloud.com/andy-twyman-1

Astro (Princess of Axolotls)

Astro (Princess of Axolotls)Adult

Irreverent and uplifting electro pop songs and ballads for queers and people with alternative lifestyles.

Rites of Hadda

Big Boys Camp Adult

Big Boys Camp are Father Joseph Arthur Swan, Billy Cornelius Merkley esq and The Front.

They play music with Vaudevillian Raunchy Tongue firmly in cheeks sense of humour. They are risqué and outrageous, some slightly vulgar but done in the best possible taste.

Electronica, Rock and straight up Queer avantaguarde. They only do One gig a year and they want this one to be at Queer Spirit.

Billie Bottle

Billie Bottle All ages

Billie Bottle is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer and also works as a music therapist and support worker for people with learning disabilities.

Her love of the Canterbury Scene has led her to work with Caravan’s Dave Sinclair and Robert Wyatt and she has a long-term collaboration with jazz legends, Kate and Mike Westbrook. Her last album, Unrecorded Beam, made settings of nature poetry by Thoreau; her forthcoming one, The Other Place, is innovative and political. In this solo set she sings about being queer, mourning for the earth and the moving of the spirit…



BosqueAll ages

DJ set - Dance music from Cosmic disco to Acid-Rave-Techno.

Carol Robson

Carol RobsonAll ages

Carol is a published poet with her own collection, Words of Darkness and Light; she has also been published in several anthologies.

Carol is also a Spoken Word performer and loves to include comedy in her performances. She has performed at Festivals, Fringe events and venues from Brighton to Edinburgh. In 2014 she performed her one-woman show at Edinburgh Fringe, where she received a four-star review from BroadwayBaby and has performed it at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Carol has also performed her poetry in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and also in Zante. She has performed twice at the LFest the Lesbian Arts Festival.

In July 2019 Carol will perform her new show ‘70’ A New Decade of Fun at Greater Manchester Fringe. Carol is a very spiritual person who believes in Guardian Angels and is also a level one Reiki healer.

Website: carolrobson.com

Chris Hubris

Chris Hubris everyone

Genderqueer weirdo synth pop creature making music to angst to and dance to.

Chris’ most recent EP “Celestial Hubris and the Dystopian Birthing Experience” is a cosmic journey into manifestation and can be downloaded for free via bandcamp.

Chrystine Moon

Chrystine Moon everyone

Queer, feminist Songstress and comedic provocateur, Chrystine Moon, is being outrageously hard to pin down about what the hell she's going to do here...

 but, it's expected that, under pressure, some glorious mish-mash of shamanic cabaret, political magic & songs of love and revolution will burst forth vibrantly from the bubbling spring of queer herstory and radically potentised Love.

Control Freak

Control FreakAdult

What’s Digital Puppetry? And what’s it doing at Queer Spirit?

‘Control Freak’ is a pop-up projection performance, an exploration of identity, gender and eccentricity……..it’s bonkers…..by Lucy Childs and Elisabetta del Ponte.....

Dex Grodner

Dex Grodner All ages

Teenage Bloops reflects on the awks and anxt of teenage sexuality and bodies in the only socially acceptable way we know how – immersive Live Art.

In whose image have we shaped our bodies and how much did we ever really know how to talk about it?

I’m using body art, soundscape, poetry and audience interaction as tools to give my teenage self the voice I didn’t have.

DJ WhatDuck

DJ WhatDuckAll ages

Teknosounds from acidgrounds… WhatDaaaa&%&%!?!

(Kaos, Teknokolor, Halo-land)



Love Elvis?

See Lucio Bello’s Drag King Act: Elvis like you’ve never seen before...


FabulousAll ages

Ever found yourself thinking that something about you is special, perhaps a little esoteric?

Do you appear to fit the mould, while knowing that you really are the ferryman of another world?

Bring a coin for the journey, we will explore the constellation of signs that make man an idiot.

Fort sessions

Fort sessionseveryone

Remember when you used to take apart the couch or your bed, or both, to make something that seems like it should be way less comfortable but ended up being the best little spot to wait and let the world go by? Remember last week? Enter the fort sessions. We will take you under our poetic blankets and have some damn craic. The world is your fort and your fort can be anything you want.

Hawthorn Blossom

Hawthorn Blossomeveryone

A warm, engaging and moving singer, combining tradition and innovation with a Queer Magickal slant to his writing, Blossom is moved by spirit to sing his own truth.

Hunting Hearts

Hunting HeartsAll ages

Hunting Hearts are an unapologetically queer band from the South East of England.

Self described as "garage rock synth pop", they bring their own twist on covers as well as a host of original material guaranteed to grab your attention and keep you hooked with passionate vocals and catchy melodies. Mix that in with singalong lyrical hooks and you've got a crowd pleasing vibe full of energy and defiance.

We're here, we’re queer, we're proud to show the world that LGBTQ+ people have a voice and we will use it to sing and rock your socks off.

John Hoggett

John HoggettSupervised

Performance Poetry on a variety of themes: Queer, Gay Male, sex work, homophobia, climate change, sex work, gay romance, protest and life on benefits.

A mix of humour, sexuality, sensuality, social comment on varied contemporary themes.

Jordan Charles

Jordan Charleseveryone

Pop/Soul singer and choir director Jordan Charles shines on screen as a talent judge on BBC1's hit show 'All Together Now' alongside Spice Girl Geri Horner! Alongside performing with Gary Barlow, Kaiser Chiefs and Dannii Minogue, Jordan also appeared on BBC1’s Let it Shine and wrote the Official Songs for Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017 and Barnardo’s 2018.

He has now become a regular at famous London venues and nights such as Freedom Bar Soho, Kinky Kabaret, 100 Wardour St and The Cocoa Butter Club. His infectious energy and catchy hooks will have you up and dancing in no time!

See Jordan on Social Media:    

Kallum Király

Kallum Király Adult

Kallum Király is the all singing, all flirting drag king of your dreams.

A mix of stand up and original song, let him guide you through the notorious bi sexual panda effect and croon about the pitfalls of being the ninth wheel in a polycule, all in a musical hall style.

Liam Doherty

Liam DohertyAll ages

Pop and astrology music.

My music can be found on Facebook / Instagram / YouTube and Spotify under 'Liam Doherty Artist’

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liam.doherty.artist

My Instagram is Liam_Doherty_Artist: https://www.instagram.com/liam_doherty_artist


LunatraktorsAll ages

What's left when everything is taken away from us – our tools, technology and libraries, even our homes, communities and citizenship?

What's left is what we have learned by heart and we can do with our bodies: our voices, hands and feet. Using techniques from body percussion, tap dance, overtone singing and physical theatre, performance duo Lunatraktors explore a set of British, Irish and Australian ballads to rediscover folk music as a queer space of personal and political transformation.

Weaving the tragedy and comedy of these traditional tales with hypnotic acoustic percussion and harmonies, Lunatraktors create a genre-defying, "spellbinding" performance on the borders of music, theatre and live art.

Manon - Once upon a time

Manon - "Once upon a time"Adult

In this performance, I’m portraying a contemporary version of Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

This piece is a mix of theatre, burlesque and spoken word.

Mignon Mukti

Mignon Mukti All ages

Mignon Mukti is a musician and sacred activist.

Mignon’s powerful songs of social change cross many music genres and cultures to blend with ease and a sense of human passion and rawness, from South African township rhythms she grew up with to folk, world music, kirtan and spiritual chants.



Nexus supervised

Nexus parties have been running for the last 2 years in north west England, focussing on creating an inclusive, queer-positive dancefloor in an intimate space. We lean towards cutting-edge harder flavours of techno and are now selling out regularly, welcoming UK and international guests such as Manni Dee (Perc Trax/Tresor) and Blasha and Allatt (Meat Free, Manchester) to our rave cave, as well holding down a 3-hour monthly radio show on techno.fm

Nexus residents Arondeus and Loss Function like to mix it up, playing driving techno that is acid, jacking, wonky, ravey and industrial (with the occasional disco moment), always with one eye firmly on the dancefloor. We cut our teeth dancing in clubs and parties back in the 90s through to the present day – we’re ravers first and foremost, and are as informed by the punk ethos and free party approach as by dance music culture.

We've played all round the country and are picking up some gigs abroad - and are very much looking forward to playing at QS!   See you on the floor!  www.nexustechno.co.uk


Oisin HendriX

Oisin HendriX Adult

The demon troubadour of portobello road, travelling the Emerald Isle in search of the perfect story to match the perfect sound; a heady blend of raucous riffs and ludicrous lyricism, tantalising truths and terrifying tales, Dr SonMajique is here to introduce you to a realm of lurid daydreams and stark wonder with the help of his trusty sox string steed Alice and a little sauce from the devil themselves - that’s you guys - he’ll be collecting the whispers on the streets and dishing out the secrets of immortality on a stage near you for the rest of eternity...  give audience to damnation and pity the fool, with the scorned and horned, the Devils Laureate himself, straight from the bowels of society, Oisin HendriX.

Queer Faith and TheMany - Radical Faeries

Queer Faith and TheMany-Radical FaeriesAll ages

The Genderqueer blue creature on stage is a collection of creatures in one body, singing their own songs a capella. (The songs are original compositions.)

« Born with the Faeries Raised with the flowers... »

It is a ritualistic StorySinging show that celebrates genuine emotions related to love and emotional nakedness. 

Qweaver's Qweer Poesy

Qweaver's Qweer PoesyAll ages

Spoken word, with backing sounds, on a variety of queer, magical, life and love themes.

Roberta Francis

Roberta FrancisAll ages

I write and perform poetry around the topic of childhood and trans identities.

I am a published poet and have previously performed not only at Queer Spirit but also at the Queer Gala Berlin in Kopi, LGBT Anti- Hate Festival London and Tommyhaus Berlin.

Shamanic Spice

Shamanic SpiceAll

Ritual style performance inspired by my childhood love of the Spice Girls and the healing and joy I have found in queer tribe.



Dive into queer history and mind-expanding verse from Radical Faerie Shaman Witch Shokti: quotations and rhyme to illuminate queer minds.

'We're Here, We're Queer. We're Cosmic'... and this is our time.


Singalong with PriscillaAll ages

"A chanteuse with balls..." The Guardian

Fresh from the Costa del Sol, Priscilla Heartsong brings her feel-good show of original songs and anthems from the 70s & 80s. Think Bowie, Abba and Lou Reed and get swept up in a singalong vibe.

Spooky Tricycle

Spooky TricycleAll ages

It means a threesome with a ghost.

Soulful originals and jazzy covers from a transatlantic duo.

Tatu V

Tatu VAll ages

Tatu V has played house, techno and chill-out from forest raves to clubs and bars, from Helsinki to Sao Paulo.

He has played at London Fashion Week party, Egg in London, Burning Man Festival in U.S.A., Botox in Melbourne, Fetish afterhours in Valencia, Bearty Festival in Tallinn, Ibiza Pride Pool Party at Bora Bora, La Messa in Milan and at MTV party in Frankfurt. In Madrid, where he lives now, he has played at My Pleasure, WE Party, Minitel, Bear Pride, Sissy Bag y Ciclogenesis.

Tatu V started as a "club kid gogo dancer" in Disco 2000 in New York in 1990. He took up DJing while studying art and media in University of Lapland. Tatu lived in London during the noughties and was part of clubs like Nag Nag Nag, Horse Meat Disco and the Cock.

In addition to mixing hot rhythms Tatu likes to experiment with his looks and has been photographed for magazines like Interview (New York), ID (London), kctv.co.uk y Vision (China).

Spirituality and the magic of the dancefloor has always been part of Tatu's mindset when DJing and he is looking forward to play at the Queer Spirit festival. Tatu is also a visual artist and his current art project is to paint portraits of Queer Witches.

http://tatuvuolteenaho.com   http://thequeerwitchproject.com   https://hearthis.at/tatuv

That Ray

That Ray adult

That Ray makes bitchy political drag and looks great in a jockstrap.

Insta: @itsthat_ray

The Menopause Army Band

The Menopause Army BandAdult

OMG! Pull out your stomping boots and get ready you PUNKS! Your Cuntry Needs YOU!

Menopause Army is a queer cabaret-punk band just arrived on the scene with gis in London and an online presence.

La Generalissima Lucy is in command followed by Lieutenent Mobbit_fOS, privates Thompson and Hernandez… and a posse of wannabe recruits. Join us.

The Moon

The MoonAll ages

Puppets have special properties, the puppeteer Philippe Genty sees puppets as a prehistoric part of the mind where animism still exists:
'It's not meant to be realism, but at a certain point we reach a border, we reach something buried in the mind, prehistoric. We reach the part of us that is not fed any more because now the moon is not a goddess, there are no souls in the trees, or in the lakes. But a puppet can be that for the audience.' (Robertson,1991:59) Cardinal Woosey (A.K.A. Lucy Childs) will take her hand carved wooden string puppet on an after dark Queer Spirit walkabout celebrating the moon.

Thierry Alexandre featuring Timebomb

Thierry Alexandre featuring Timebomb adult

“Modern industrial society is a fanatical religion. We are demolishing, poisoning, destroying all life systems on the planet. We are signing IOU’s our children will not be able to pay… We are acting as if we were the last generation on the planet. Without a radical change in heart, in mind, in vision, the Earth will end up like Venus, charred and dead.” (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche)

Rhino Requiem is a mission to engage, arouse, provoke, inspire and empower, an exercise in connecting with implications of current sixth mass extinction while celebrating the mystical beauty and sheer wonder of the natural world. It started out upon the death of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino whose disappearance shook the world and yet was feared to lead to numbness and inaction in humankind. These concerns led to the first Rhino Requiem being performed in Hampstead Heath (London, 2017) and developed into a full scale theatre show in 2018. Part requiem and part ritual, this piece takes the audience on a journey deep into the heart, exploring survival, collective grief and rebirth through visceral Butoh movement, mesmerising on stage metamorphoses, and electrifying presence.    www.thierryalexandre.com

“The stage presence (and possibly dry cleaning) of Grace Jones. Everything is indefinable and transmutable, there’s not a clear distinction point between costume and body, inside and outside, art and dance. Seeing this show is simply a joy and a privilege.

Wonderful, rich and charming piece.”
(Scotsgay Fringe Review)


Tomkinascious supervised

Tomkinascious weaves together ethereal electronic music that will take you on a cosmic journey.

Usually found moving the queer crowd at London's Papa Loko and Transister parties, Tomkinascious' poetic sets are not to be missed. Allow the music to guide you as you dance and connect with spirit across multiple dimensions.

Follow Tomkinascious on SoundCloud: and Instagram: @tomkinascious

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