Al Head

Al HeadI am a Queer, genderqueer human. I have been a pagan for 35 years and have been leading rituals and running pagan workshops for most of this time. I have been an LGBTQ activist since the early 1980s, running workshops, events and festivals and building community. I'm also an earth and disability activist and try to work against all forms of oppression.

I run THIS LAND SEX MAGIC workshops and am the author of 'Queer Deity, Sacred Slut'.        This Land Sex Magic


BecksAlix is a non-binary personal trainer working within the trans community in Brighton and Hove.

They regularly volunteer at Allsorts, a youth charity that empowers and supports young LGBTQ people.

Amanda Gay Love

Amanda Gay LoveAmanda Gay Love is passionate about queers of all descriptions having abundant sex. Over the last 20 years she has been fairly obsessed with LGBTQIA identities and queer sexualities. Having extensive experience in queer theory, tantra, and BDSM practices, she creates Queer Hearted spaces so that people can explore and expand their sensual, sexual and spiritual potential. Ultimately, she is all about desire and ensuring that people have a myriad of expressing it.

Amanda facilitates gender and sexuality experiences that are healing transformative loving joyfests. As well as running her own teaching spaces and workshops she produces a number of events and supports practitioners to ensure we all get to have shiner and more loving queer times when we get together. She also holds love rituals for queer couples, coaching, support and supervision for sex workers and body workers. Find her at QueerHearted.com

Andy Butterfield

Andy butterfield Andy is a tantra yoga teacher and shiatsu and reiki therapist and folds his experience of different yoga styles, bodywork and meditation into his teaching and practice.

He is passionate about creating community and holding a safe, relaxed and meaningful space for LGBTQ people gay to meet and explore intimacy, connection and joy.

He teaches for YogaNu, as well as other group and 1:1 classes and is based in London and Brighton. He has also been involved in hosting Cuddle Parties and shiatsu/touch workshops in London for the last few years. Shine, for you are made of stars. www.andybutterfield.com

Andy Fowler

Andy FowlerAndy has over 5000 hrs experience leading world percussion workshops in a variety of settings, many of which are festivals including Kaya Festival, Guildfest, Bunkfest, Rugfest and of course, Queer Spirit.

Antonio Hernandez

Antonio HernandezAntonio Hernández is a spanish Yoga and meditation instructor. He received his trainings between India, Nepal, Peru, Guatemala, Thailand, Spain or the United States.

He travels around the world offering his teachings when he's not working with indigenous communities in different parts of the world. Former school teacher, his life completely change and started walking on an spiritual path thanks to a depression, contracting the HIV, a failed adoption process and winning a TV show...yeah, all that together!


BecksBeck Thom is a Sex Coach, Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker who works with ‘Anybody with a Body’ and particularly other Queer and Trans people. Body Curious is based in the Midlands and also tours Quintimacy (Queer Intimacy) workshops around the UK.

Beck identifies as queer in many ways and loves spaces like Queer Spirit. Beck is doing the Certificate in Somatic Sex Education this year and is looking forward to revising the whole Sexological Bodywork curriculum, and coaching this years students.

She is a graduate of ‘Like a Pro’ and recently completed Betty Martin’s course ‘Teaching the Wheel of Consent in groups’.

Becky Johansson

Becky JohanssenBecky Johansson is queer/lesbian, she is an Integrative and Eco-Psychotherapist who works online and in person in Somerset.

She has worked with the LGBTQIA, Kink and Poly communities in Manchester for over a decade, also training other psychotherapists and counsellors. She also works with PTSD and resilience, trauma and breathwork for somatic regulation.

Becky is also a Priestess of Rhiannon and Freya and follows a Goddess based spiritual pathway. She runs sacred sexuality workshops in the UK and Australia, focussing on healing wounding and reclaiming and rebuilding sacred connection to our genitals, bodies and the Earth

Bess & Scarlet

BessieBess is taking a break from lighting fires with children and getting back to their ethnographic roots this Queer Spirit.

Inspired by conversations over the years, and by co-counselling, they/she are going to be facilitating a space to share, listen and learn, hoping to give people a chance to skip through layers of small talk and delve deep into our experiences as queers inhabiting different times, spaces and bodies.

Bess thinks of herself as not being great at small talk, but some of her friends describe her as 'diplomatic' and 'empathetic' and she's very excited about coming to Queer Spirit.

Scarlet loves improvising and getting up close with intense and beautiful things going on. She is involved in a training collective helping people work through fear and practices body informed leadership. She is currently completing a Masters in Cultural Geography where she is researching political ecology of emotions.


BosqueBosque is a Berlin based, Tel-aviv born author and Journalist ( TAZ, Germany and Haaretz, Israel), Punk & Rave musician and DJ, event promoter and curator.


Calu LemaCalu (they) is a gender-fierce Latinx activist passionate about about decolonising narratives, deconstructing identities and promoting self-love. Their most recent project focuses on exploring the intersection of identities with queerness and faith being particularly relevant in some of the groups they are part of. As part of Queer Newham, a local initiative they co-founded, Calu is bringing visibility to LGBTQ+ issues and supporting the well-being of the queer community in East London.

As an intersectional feminist Calu promotes inclusive spaces, works on anti-oppression challenging prejudice and identity based violence, and raises awareness of sexual and gender diversity.

Damien Rowse

Damien Rowse---

David Yzhaki

David YzhakiDavid Yzhaki is a Shaman serving Kambo and Ayahuasca and Providing Non Violent Communication workshops and in therapy.

Born and living in Israel, combining Kabbalah and his experience as a musician in his workshops.

David focuses on communication in Sacred sexuality and the importance of ceremony as a mean of growing conciseness .

DK Green

DK GreenDK has run and participated in Shamanic journeys and workshops for various circles and events around the UK since early 2000s, is a celebrant, one of the organisers of Oak Spirit in Derbyshire as well as a professional Tarot reader for 20yrs.

He is also widely known in the areas of BDSM & Leather as head of the UK KRueL Leather Family since the 1990s.

Ember and River

EmberRiverRiver and Ember are radical faeries interested in creating spaces where people can experience intimacy and explore their sexuality in a safe and supporting environment.

Both of them have spent many years in sex-positive spaces and although they would not call themselves experts, they have learnt a lot about the importance of consent, play and connection that they would like to share.

Eva Weaver

Eva Weaver---

Evangelista Sie

Evangelista SieEvangelista works a queer writing teacher and an editor in Austria. She believes that everyone has something valuable to say and therefore encourages people to write in an even more authentic way and heal themselves through writing.

As a writing teacher, she has facilitated workshops for school children as well as for young adults and adults. As an editor, Evangelista has published the book “Goldene Märchen aus dem Schloss” (Golden Fairy Tales from the Castle) with empowering and modern tales for children.

She works as an LGBTIQ* activist and writes articles for magazines, essays as well as fiction.

Gem Kennedy

Gem KennedyGem Kennedy is a queer transformational coach, mentor and body liberation activist.

She specialises in coaching and mentoring clients, both one-to-one and in groups, to reclaim their personal power, remove limiting beliefs and take up space, in order to achieve things they never dreamt were possible.

Her clients include activists, performers and charity founders.


HarmonyI am a queer artist/activist and Sexological bodyworker. I am currently Studying a Master Degree at The University of the Arts London. Through my work I am researching the effect of Bonobo behaviour on Humans. I have developed The Bonobo Experience® in order to do this.

I am passionate about sexuality, playfulness, creativity and Bonobo culture. Play is a process that helps us relate to the world in a stress free way. If we use our creativity we can confront things that are challenging, test new boundaries and discover new realms of possibility. I am very accepting of people's desires and believe that this enables me to help others on their individual journey.




Ian Howie

Ian HowieI've been making dance work in a collaborative way since 2015 and have facilitated group and duo performances at Illuminating York, York Theatre Royal, York Art Gallery and Live Art Bistro.

I've been teaching one way or another for 30 years.

Jani Franck

Jani FranckJani is a nonbinary multidisciplinary artist working in visual art, land and site-specific installations, performance, dance, music and poetry.

They belong in the intertidal zone, the pause between beats, the spans of bridges and the edges of accepted reality.

They have over 15 years experience teaching art & creativity across all age ranges and a passion for connecting folks with their lost creative spirit!


Jay Woods

Jay WoodsI have lived off grid for many years in a self converted truck living closer to the land, aligned with nature as much as possible.

Recently returned from travelling in South America and the Amazon, I travel and facilitate sacred ceremonies healing people with a bizzare and wonderful medicine called kambo.

For many years I've been very much fascinated in all concepts of healing, and love to have fun raising people's vibrations through the universal medium of laughter yoga, I've have had the wonderful honour of attending and witnessing this phenomenon at many festivals in the UK and in Europe.        www.kambomedicine.co.uk

Justin Luria

Justin LuriaJustin is an energy healer and shamanic practitioner with a special interest in grounding, incarnation and embodiment. He has been a spiritual seeker since 1998, and has trained with Barbara Brennan ("Hands of Light"), Patricia White Buffalo, and a number of other respected teachers.

He draws upon his rich Jewish ancestry (both Cohenim and Kabbalistic, the high priest and mystic) and perspective as a queer spiritual seeker to practice an inclusive, loving and welcoming earth-and-body-centred spirituality that honours and recognises all aspects of the human condition.


KaiKai trained for 12 years at the College of Psychic Studies in London and for 20 years now has led experiential workshops in sacred sites around the world, including the Machrie and Callanesh circles of Scotland, the Avebury complex in Wiltshire, the rainforests of Brazil and in the ancient temples of Egypt.

His particular focus has been on exploring how Dragon lines and circles can be used to effect harmonic changes in the human psyche, specifically on bringing the masculine and feminine energies into alignment.



killianThe last 25 years I’ve worked as a workshop teacher and group facilitator in the field of shamanism, sacred geometry and hermetics. In the same time I have been guiding tours to sacred sites and ancient cultures all over this magic globe that I’m deeply in love with.

Since 2011 I study the old vedic scriptures and have safely landed and ended my life long quest for eternal truth under the guidance of a traditional Advaita Vedanta lineage. in the last 3 years I've started to offer my work within the setting of the radical faerie sanctuaries.

This is the first queer festival where I present this work and I’m looking forward to sincere connection and authentic bonding with my tribe.


LeatherHiraethLeatherHiraeth is a hypnotherapist and counsellor, working with gender diverse, kink, poly and alternative sexuality clients.

He is also a long standing Dominant on the UK kink scene for over 20 years and a Leather Sir and Daddy, and a member of the UK KRueL Leather Family, having earned his leathers old school style.

He has followed a shamanic path for many years, sitting in monthly circle for 4 years continuously to follow the medicine wheel teachings. He also co-creates Heartsong Drums, making shamanic drums and creating rituals and drum circles at ancient stones and circle sites in his heartland of West Wales with his handfasted partner, Ysbryd Tan.

LeatherHiraeth feels his Leather path runs hand in hand with his shamanic path, seeing a spiritual connection between the two, and he enjoys playing with energy and intent to create ordeal rituals spanning both his shamanic path and kink path.

Lindsay River

Lindsay RiverLindsay River has been a pagan for many years (since 1975 if not earlier in spirit) and in the seventies and 80s studied the many goddesses omitted from history as she was taught it.  She was the co-author of The Knot of Time, a feminist and pro-queer guide to astrology (1987, Women's Press, with Sally Gillespie). 

She is happily retired and has a background as a consultant astrologer, a homoeopath, and from 1990 to 2009 worked in the voluntary sector on issues of community health rights, older people's rights, ageism and local community development. From 2003-9 she was the Director of Polari which researched and campaigned on older LGBT needs and wellbeing. She has been a lecturer on all these subjects and has taught workshops on themes in paganism and self-development since the eighties (since 1998 at Queer Pagan Camp, at LoveSpirit Festival and in 2016 at QueerSpirit).

Her current preoccupations relate to varied aspects of social justice, combatting speciesism, and working for the survival of the planet.

Love Dragon

Love DragonImagined in the mind of the Beast King and brought to life by a juicy kiss, Love Dragon is a queer researcher of human connections. Regardless of the subject he enjoys teaching people ways of how to gently meet each other with respect and fun.

Love Dragon is a sacred intimate, a body worker, a playfight activist and a dance teacher. He is also exploring Tarot and Bondage.

Privately, he’s a big boardgame geek.


MaevonInitially I studied fine art, discovering in the visual language of symbols, an ‘artistic way of knowing’. I began my study of body work practices by learning to teach the Alexander technique in 1997.

During a VisionQuest to the United States in 2005 which included visiting several radical faerie sanctuaries I discovered that my spiritual practice was also based in movement. Moving to Berlin in 2009 I began studying somatic practices with Authentic Eros and discovered that the body also has a distinct and intense way of knowing. I have completed an Authentic Eros one year training and certified as a Sacred Intimate in the Body Electric tradition.



ManonMy name is Manon Aquilina and I am a sexuality practitioner, Dominatrix and healer.

At age 11, I started learning about energy healing with the Tibetan method Prananadi and I have recently been initiated into the Siddha Kundalini lineage by Dani Sher. This 5000 years old practice combines ancient yogic, tantric and shamanic practices.

My interest for sexuality has led me to do a training in shadow tantra with Seani Love and I offer clients the opportunity to explore their sexuality and kinks. I am also an artist and performer who explores concepts of gender, trauma, roots and identity to lead to a better understanding of the world and my path.

I am drawn to The Bonobo Experience because I believe that the retreats and workshops can start very deep healing for the individuals taking part.


Mark Black

Mark BlackMark (WhitePhoenix) has been a practising Eclectic/Druid Witch for many years.

Starting his journey at a young age joined his first coven at 16, opened a witchcraft shop in Cheshire when he was 21 and from there his journey has taken him onto many varied pathways including Talks and teaching, TV and press interviews, hosting MBS exhibitions and high profile parapsychological investigations.

He is currently Co-founder and High Priest of The Coven of the Sacred Flame, this coven has been going for over 10 years, High Priest of the Brotherhood of Cernunnos (6 years) and President of the UK Pagan Council for over 10 years. ‘By Day’ Mark owns a number of companies and business ventures including a Digital PR and Marketing Consultancy and is a Personal Trainer and fitness coach.

Maxim Voloshin

Maxim VoloshinI have always believed in the power of art to enrich and enlighten our lives. Once I moved to London after completing my degree in Art History at the University of St Andrews, I became enchanted by the city’s vibrant spiritual scene. When looking how to begin my own path within the occult, Tarot’s wonderful world of meaningful pictures became the natural choice for me.

Over the last three years, I have studied the craft under the guidance of some of London’s leading tarot readers, including Tomas d’Arbia, Annabelle Mitzman, and Sue Terry. Through giving readings and assessing feedback, I have developed an approach in which I feel most helpful and capable; in my readings, the cards invite you to reconsider the root of your questions and take you on a journey towards awareness and quiet confidence. Of course, there is an element of fortune-telling but the emphasis is on discovering how and why will you build your own fortune.

I believe Tarot is a practice that is indeed profound but also very fun. I am always happy to share the joy and inspiration that Tarot has brought into my life and the lives of thousands of other people across the centuries.

Meg Fenwick

Meg FenwickMeg's primary training is in theatre and comedy, using play and theatre to address some of the most edgy, complex issues. With a background in trauma based approach, NVC and restorative justice.

Meg is also a qualified relationship and sexual intimacy coach. Having trained with Gay and Katie Hendricks Conscious loving relationships, Barbara Carellas Urban Tantra and recently Betty Martin Wheel of Consent for professionals.

Meg has facilitated a massive variety of groups over the past 22 years, using consent, play, sex positivity and drama. Her ability to create a permissive, hilarious space, with much heart, means participants feel comfortable sharing and playing with taboo subjects.

Meg currently has her own private practice in relationship and intimacy coaching, as well as taking theatre into prisons, education and community settings.

Mignon Mukti

Mignon MuktiMignon Mukti is passionate about sound and stillness. She has a background of many years as a professional musician, actor, event coordinator, sound healer and energy healer.

Mignon grew up in an activist family in South Africa and learned about trauma and fear from an early age. She uses Mantra, meditation and biodynamic craniosacral healing to help people with anxiety and trauma to come back home to themselves and still their nervous system.

She leads singing and chanting circles for people from all cultures and paths and sacred events.

Nick Kientsch

Nick KientschNick learnt to meditate in 1990. After running a meditation group as an undergraduate he went on to live in an urban Buddhist community before ordaining as a Buddhist monk for 6 years, living in a UK based monastery of the Thai forest tradition. On leaving the Monastery Nick moved to London in 2004 and set up the gay and bi men’s mindfulness group in 2009, which meets every Monday and attracts 30 - 50 gay/bi/trans men each week.

He now runs 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy courses as private classes and runs mindfulness in the workplace sessions. For more details of his courses and mindfulness for the workplace see: www.evolvingminds.org.uk

Nicolas Perrin

Nicolas Perrin Nicolas Perrin is a New Earth Paradigm Ambassador, Sacred Divine Orator, Frequency Channel & soul Blue printer who supports difference makers to step into their soul greatness. Nicolas supports his clients, who are gifted & have enormous potential, to transcend the pain of playing small, confused on life direction, feeling held back, and find it challenging to share their unique message with the world. His clients are supported to step into their greatness through the creation of a magnetic vision & activating their divine blue print enabling them to make the highest difference in the world. Nicolas believes in a holistic approach and shares and teaches about New Paradigms, Intuition, meditation, energy transformation, soul driven leadership and a thriving mindset. He has been on his own inner journey for 14 years and shares this gift with others too. Over the last 2 years Nicolas has been living around the world visiting sacred sites, going to intentional new earth paradigm communities, Earth grid & light work, living in a 5D plus flow reality.


Nik Parmer

Nik Parmer

Noam Paz

Noam PazNoam Paz (Ananda) is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, Yoga teacher and Healer.

Noam was initiated into the spiritual path at the age of 7, and was raised in a yogic environment, learning from great teachers like Swami Vishnudevananda, Rabbi Shlomo Karlebach and others.

Noam facilitates personal and communal processes of healing and growth, through rituals, courses and retreats worldwide.

Philippe Viney

Philippe VineyHaving been brought up in Australia when circumcision was a common practice had a profound impact on my development and outlook. An interest in trying to better understand the issues involved with circumcising the foreskin led to ways which accessed pleasurable foreskin sensations. This interest in foreskin pleasure led to eventuation of the website acroposthion.com

The consolidation in promoting foreskin pleasure was personally endorsed by Joseph Kramer the founder of ‘The Body Electric’ and ‘Sexological Bodywork’ when I became a certified Sexological Bodyworker in 2018.

Pia Gaia

Pia GaiaPia has presented at the Goddess Conference, Wise Women Gathering, Seven Sisters Festival and at eco villages and spiritual communities around the world

Queer Spirit



QuincyI am a fully qualified Pilates Instructor/coach and Personal Trainer with additional experience in anatomy & physiology, psychiatric nursing, and therapeutic massage – all of which inform my holistic style of teaching. My services are tailored to meet the individual needs of every client, including those who have been injured and need rehabilitation, sports development for athletes, and people who simply enjoy exercise as recreation.

I am inspired by exercise, good living and passing on lessons I’ve learnt.


I’m a queer, sex positive, activist, poet, pagan-y, community-oriented being. I’ve run and co-run workshops and rituals in queer spaces over a number of years. These seek to create radical contexts for intentional exploration, practice and affirmation. All are welcome to my workshops who embrace values of respect, consent and acceptance. I accept and celebrate everyone as they are.

Self-awareness and self-love I believe to be the foundations of self-full, authentic living. Intentionality is a vital life skill that grows with practice. I believe self-love and love-giving practices are powerful magiv, healing and transformative. I’m fascinated by ceremony, movement, meditation, music, toning, touch as tools of consciousness, healing, routes into pure presence.

I’m a proud and active member of the Radical Faerie community which I love as a joyous intermingling of many tribes and wisdoms. I’m also a poet and performer, relishing the way poetry dances with meaning and experience-sharing. “Touching you”, my first poetry collection came out in 2016. A new collection is simmering nicely.

Rhodri Karim

Rhodri KarimRhodri Karim is a undisciplined multi-disciplinary artist-activist (and glittery werewolf) working to undermine consensus reality with sensuality, self-defeating behaviour and social justice.

His practice includes sound, organising, shamanism, performance, software and agriculture. In his role as coordinator of the Psychedelic Society of Bristol he creates holding spaces for transformative experiences, and helps join the dots between entheogenic substances and their wider social, psychological and mystical context.

Rupert James

Rupert JamesRupert creates healing, playful and transformative spaces for meeting self and other using conscious kink, consent and intimacy work, and ecstatic dance.  He has been holding sacred space for groups since 1992 and trained with many fantastic teachers including Barbara Carellas, Gabrielle Roth, Dossie Easton, Lee Harrington and Betty Martin.   Rupert facilitates workshops in Oxford, London and Estonia and teachers at several festivals each year. 

He is a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra, and a qualified teacher at the School of Being.  Rupert is a kinky, non-monogamous, heteroflexible cis-man, who loves dancing, playfulness, being naked in nature, and shared consensual touch. Consent and respect form the bedrock underlying all his work. www.ecstasyandintimacy.com

Sal Harris

Sal Harris---




ShadiShadi has been living in Guatemala for roughly 6 years and has been studying Maya cosmovision for nearly three years.

He has lived many fire ceremonies and has received permission from the spirit elders as well as from the local elders to host these fire ceremonies and share the knowledge traditional to Guatemala.


ShoktiShokti is a Radical Faerie activist, running a Full Moon Drum Circle in Vauxhall since 2005, one of the core team organising Queer Spirit Festival.

Born in Suffolk, he read History at Cambridge, came out at 21 and rushed to London in the mid 1980s to explore lust and find love. He awoke to the Goddess and the multiverse in the mid 90s while living with AIDS, and since recovering has been working to build queer spiritual community across the planet.

He blogs at shokti.blog and rainbowmessenger.wordpress.com and has published a book of poetry and inspirational quotations from queer mystics – AIDS SHAMAN – available at Lulu.com. Volume 2 coming this autumn!

Tallulah Star

Tallulah StarTallulah is a queer witch involved with Queer Pagan Camp for almost 20 years and goddess circles before that.

Focussing on eco magic and spells and action for social justice.

Tessa Wills

Tessa WillsTessa Wills is a sex positive performance artist, sexological bodyworker and community builder with a background in sex work who coaches and teaches to adventurers, sex workers and sexuality professionals. Wills has coached ecstatic embodiment and business skills since 2009, working with a range of providers including people exploring BDSM, gay male escorts, full service sensuality professionals, couples, pre orgasmic queers, post partum queer bodies, people finding fuller erotic expression whilst exploring gender or transitioning, and sexological bodyworkers at different stages of their career. Wills draws on a diverse background in artistic practice, somatics and healing (hypnotherapy, ritual, craniosacral therapy, alexander technique and theatre) to celebrate and support the unique erotic footprint of our interpersonal relationships. /p>

Tom Cowan

Tom CowanMuch of the last decade has been spent understanding and exploring my own nature as a self-identified queer man. I've been blessed with opportunities for reflection and transformation through my continued relationships with the global community of Radical Faeries who have shown me how to be vulnerable and authentic. I now work closely with organisations that support LGBT people including Loving Men and Queer Spirit Festival.

My joy and pleasure in human company have been nourished professionally and personally through over 10 years’ experience of working and living co-operatively.   This has given me great insight into holding space for difference and diversity with respect and compassion.  My spiritual journey is supported by the sangha of the Vajrasati Yoga School in Brighton, UK, that continues to inspire me at every turn and provides the bedrock for my own teaching.

 I'm proud to be certified by the Yoga Alliance as a 500HR Registered Yoga Teacher, hold a BTEC level 5 in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy  from the North London School of Sports Massage and continue to enjoy a wide range of professional development.

Tom Shanti

Tom received expensive training from Grand Master Gong Practitioner Don Conreaux who is now in his mid 80s and still teaching all over the globe.

In his own words, the sound of the gong is the most powerful in the universe and can bring a person to complete stillness.

The gong is the only real master who points out to the true Guru within. Hence Sacred Sound Guru.


Viv Boot

Viv Bootwww.vivboot.co.uk

more to come

White Rose

White RoseWhite Rose (Darren Flint) is based in Brighton.

A long-time Radical Faerie, Rose lives and breathes Queer community. His (her, their) work is as a counsellor supporting younger trans, non-binary and/or neurodiverse clients. They (he, she) also work for MindOut, the charity for LGBTQ Mental Health. Look us up!

White Rose is famous in the kitchen, tries to look fabulous (sometimes looks frumpy), and loves living by the sea.

Yuval Rowan Franck

Yuval FranckYuval Rowan Franck (xe/xem/xyr) is a Jewish witch and community organiser based in Sheffield, currently starting a Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) group for women and non-binary people.

Xe is currently studying for a BMus in Music, with a particular passion for folk traditions around the world.

Xe believes that everyone can and should be encouraged to sing!

Zafire Vrba

Zafire VrbaI have given workshops at Wish Summer Camp in Sweden and Quintasensual in the UK, and at sex parties in Germany and Sweden.

I run the Center for Radical Sexuality in Stockholm with weekly workshops and re-occurring larger events, all in the intersection of queer/trans, bdsm and spirituality

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