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Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

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I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all


 Seeing Class

This workshop combines personal narratives, participatory activities, and class-based caucuses to delve into experiences between class and wealth. 

Participants will reflect on their own class experiences, examine disparities in access to resources, and deepen their understanding of systemic class oppression shaping communities.

Facilitators: Bibi & Grace

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Campaigns

Cacao Ceremony

Kivare uses guided visualizations and trance techniques to connect you with your heart's palace, awakening your inner heart warrior.

Through ceremonial cacao, you summon the ancient goddesses Ixcacao and Sekhmet, re-discovering your activist calling.

Facilitator: Kivare

Adult (18 and over) onlyLocation: Campaigns

Beginner’s Guide to Veganism

Learn about choices in leading to a vegan lifestyle.

This session will include discussions about protein and its presence in plants, vitamin B12, reasons to move into a vegan lifestyle, animal rights and the environment, substitutes for animal products, making nut milks, and preparing simple fulfilling dishes.

Facilitator: Edward Daniel

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Campaigns

Disrupting Capital

In this follow-up session, we guide participants in envisioning and taking tangible steps towards wealth redistribution. 

Attendees will create & receive feedback on ‘Giving Plans’.

While designed as a standalone session, this session complements the previous workshop, seeing-class

Facilitators: Bibi & Grace

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Campaigns

Gut Issues

Like many diet-related conditions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is also oppression- and life-related.

Lou will explain the reasoning for dietary advice that can help reduce symptoms, and explore the role of making links between symptoms and non-dietary factors.

Lots of time for discussion!

Facilitator: Lou C

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location:  Campaigns

Land Work as Spiritual Practice

A space for all those who feel called to work with the land, from the experienced to the curious, where you can delve deeper into what spirituality means to you, consider ways to bring this more into your daily life, and connect and share with others on the subject.

Facilitator: Nick Jarvis

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Campaigns

Neurodivergent Festival Navigation

A space where we can connect with our own needs as neurodivergent folk, and explore how we navigate festival environments.

For seasoned festival goers and newbies alike.

There will be a sharing circle as part of this workshop. Witnessing is participation; there will be no requirement to speak.

Facilitator: Kirstine Weaver

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Campaigns

Neuroqueer Power

A space for the many neuroqueer, spectrummy people of all labels and none to gather and collaborate.

We will discuss neurodiversity at Queer Spirit and queer spaces beyond, building neurodivergent power in our lives and creating strategies for developing it in our society and social movements.

Bring your dreams and your pains, your creativity and thoughts, your love and rage.

Facilitator: Tánaiste

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Campaigns

Permaculture of the Self

This workshop takes a permaculture approach (from the words ‘permanent’ and ‘culture’) to examine self-care, and how we bring in magical and spiritual approaches to nurture ourselves and make our lives more sustainable.

This workshop is primarily aimed at neurodivergents and chronic illness queers.

Facilitator: Bex Harper

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Campaigns

Pleasure Activism

Based on the work of Adrienne Maree Brown, this talk/workshop explores how we need to bring our own orgasmic Hell Yeah into politics.

Queer Spirit is all about changing the world by feeling good, finding joy, creating spaces and sharing the love.

Black feminism shows us the way.

Facilitator: Daniel Morrison

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Campaigns

Queer Parents and Carers

This is a space for peer mutual support for queers who are giving primary care to children, or who want to be.

Questions include: What makes a queer family? Are your kids queer? How’s your sex life? How are your kids handling trans/queerphobia?

What do you need to talk about?

Facilitator: Tessa Wills

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Campaigns

Queer Spirit Site Orientation

Join David for a friendly orientation around the Queer Spirit site. If you are new to the festival or returning, this new activity will let you explore and get to know your surroundings. Perfect for neurodiverse individuals but everyone is welcome!

Get to know the Queer Spirit site.  Find where everything is from campsite, Welfare Space to workshop domes, sauna, to toilets and taps, Big Top and where you can eat and drink this guided tour is perfect if you are new or returning, particularly for neurodiverse individuals all welcome!

Meet at Campaigns Space.

Facilitator: David Mills

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Campaigns

Queering It Up

Food and health can be a conflicted and confusing topic.

In this discussion I’ll share ideas to help you make sense of your eating to support wellbeing, manage chronic illness, and align with your values.

My approach centres on compassion and collective healing, leaving room for nutrition science and nerdiness as required.

Facilitator: Lou C

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Campaigns

The Queer Gonzo Journalist

An experimental writing workshop exploring how we can begin to queer our relationship with reality. Inspired by LGBT+ radical diarists and how queers across history have utilised documentation to carve out pathways of authentic existence, we will set up a journal-magick micro-quest to explore our unique sensoriums.

Facilitator: Scribe Nexus

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Campaigns

Writing through sound and movement

Writing through sound and movement is a creative writing journey which travels alongside music and movement.

We will use music and movement to tap into the wells of creativity within us and explore how this manifests in writing. 

Facilitator: Sab

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Campaigns

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