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Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

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I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all

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A detailed look at the twelve zodiac signs in astrology, their characteristics, gifts and shadow aspects, plus each sign’s association with a particular planet.

The talk is followed by a soothing sound bath using planetary gongs, opening our body, mind and spirit to the symphony of the skies. 

Facilitator: Charlotte Donachie

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adultLocation: Workshop dome

Beyond Coupledom

There’s a clear overlap between people exploring their queerness and people exploring relationship styles beyond conventional coupledom.

 This workshop, a combination of introduction, discussion, small group work and roleplay, explores the promises and challenges of polyamory (though John prefers to call it ‘inclusive relating’), with an emphasis on our own experiences and solutions.

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Facilitator: John Button

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Body as Art

As we rid ourselves of our earthly clothes, beliefs, pain, and other inhabiting forces, we will summon into our lives the magic we want to see in it as we slowly transform ourselves and others into beautiful colourful pieces of art.

The workshop contains nudity, non-sexual touch, and lots of creativity and fun.

Facilitator: Ofra

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Body Talks

As we slowly get rid of our clothes we start noticing the different naked bodies that are revealed in the space.

In this workshop we explore our relationships with our bodies, and discover new strengths within ourselves.

Involves non-sexual nudity.

Facilitator: Ofra

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Temple

Breath Ceremony

A breathwork ceremony where we lay down for a deep journey into our bodies and energetic system, using a combination of biodynamic breathwork and shamanic ceremony.

Using sound and movement we will rebalance, release and process, to bring us closer to a state of wholeness and happiness.

The perfect way to let go ready for a beautiful festival experience.

Facilitator: Lisa Li

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Big Top

Cuddly Queers

Flow through a series of sense-focused activities to connect more deeply to your body and feel thoroughly cuddled.

By the end of this workshop you’ll be full of oxytocin and ready for the world!

This workshop is especially designed for sensitive, sensual, neuroqueer folk.

Facilitator: Divine Theratrix

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Divine Deviants

In the company of shamanic healers from Asia and South America, Shokti will take you on a historical ride, from tales of Dionysus and the ancient Mother Goddess to the revelries of twenty-first century radical faeries.

We’ll travel the world to spotlight the associations of gender-fluidity and same-sex eroticism with the sacred, transcendent and spiritual dimensions.

Facilitator: Shokti

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Doorway to Witchcraft

For those wishing to explore the Craft and/or build up their confidence as a Solitary Practitioner, Magus offers foundational knowledge and encouragement to progress along your own pathway.

This will include an overview of Paganism, Base Line Fundamentals, Pantheons & Deities, The Turning of The Wheel, Paths Within the Craft, How to Choose your path, Pagan Ethics, Metaphysics, spell construction, and much more.

Facilitator: Magus Phoenix

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Journey to the Moon Goddess

Lay back and take a beautiful shamanic journey to the Moon Goddess, listening to the sound of the drum. Listen and hear the guidance the moon has for you.

Bring a cosy blanket, a pen and some paper.

We can share and connect afterwards.

Facilitator: Karen Cassidy

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Oracle Dance

This workshop offers intuitive dance practices in service of anyone who wishes to consult the oracle.

The protocol is explained, then the space is cleared and the rhythmic drumming begins.

 When a person wishing to consult the oracle raises their hand, Pol will come to them and make eye contact before diving into a trance-state dance and the sharing of the oracle, followed by a period of closure.

Facilitators: Pol Pi  Myrta

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

Plant Medicine for Queer Healing

Ayahuasca is a feminine sentient plant being, often misappropriated in the hands of hetero normative shamans.

Her use can have potent benefits for healing the specific wounds of feeling unwelcome on this planet common to the queer experience, but it’s not everyone’s medicine. 

An experiential tour through her history.

Facilitator: Kai

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Qi Movement Circle

The movements, based on Qi Energy Medicine, are easy to do at your own pace and beneficial at all levels.

Guided gently, with a focus on accessibility, this mind-breath-body approach brings calm, strength and presence.

Standing or sitting, easy to learn and take home with you!

Facilitator: Leopard

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

QS 101

Arriving and orienting yourself in a gathering like Queer Spirit can be a bit daunting, so this event early in the weekend is to help newcomers and singles get the most out of your festival experience.

Some information, some thoughts, some discussion, and some games and exercises to help you feel included, informed, safe, and raring to go.

Facilitator: John Button

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

Queer Critters

In this playshop you’ll access your primal nature as you get down on all fours and frolic with fellow creatures.

Purr and growl, meow and howl, whilst you jump, crouch, smell and touch.

Learn to rely on your instincts, ears and eyes, for in the animal kingdom body language tells no lies!

Facilitator: Divine Theratrix

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Radical Acceptance, Deep Welcome

 As queer spirits we cross the veil and stand between the worlds in our myriad, liquorice-allsort ways.

Being met, seen, held and celebrated by the open loving hearts of others is key to collective change needed as well as for our own liberation. 

This ritual, based on the indigenous teachings of the Dagara people, offers a powerful, deep and embodied experience. The Dagara gave special status to non-binary and queer people, who were often seen as the shamans and healers.

Facilitator: Jewels Wingfield

Adult (18 and over) only Location: Workshop dome

Rescuing Inanna

When Inanna is captured in the underworld, she is rescued by divine and undeniably queer figures.

Using this story as a jumping off point, we’ll explore how the themes of this ancient myth resonate with our personal queer experience, and dive into our own unique creativity to create a short piece inspired by it.

Facilitator: Ace Amande

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Yoga space

Sacred Conflict

How about doing conflict in ways that centre the humanity of all involved?

How about slowing down and giving lots of space to all emotions and uncomfortable sensations we experience when we disagree with loved ones or members of our own community?

This is a playful experimental space that is open to all who are willing to slow down radically and to look at their own shit.

Facilitator: Ana Pieck

Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

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