Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all

I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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Workshop Dome

  • Ancient Egyptian Queer Sex Magick

    Ancient Egyptian Queer Sex Magick

    Drawing on and combining the Hermetic practises of the Right and Left Eye of Horus Mystery Schools we will ignite and fuse the masculine and feminine sexual energies within us.

    Using guided visualisation to activate the pineal, hypnagogic voice work to call in our priest/ess soulmate and self massage to propagate internally, Kai will help you awaken your inner Androgyne Warrior - the phallus of Sekhmet.

    Facilitator: Kai Reich

    Adults only Location: Workshop dome

  • Being queer and cis gendered

    Being queer and cis gendered

    A ritual space for people who feel either male or female and were assigned to their preferred gender at birth.

    How can we as queer people celebrate our multi-faceted gender identities as either male or female and be in loving solidarity with our non-binary or trans or intersex siblings?

    There will be time for getting into a ritually held container, for small and big group discussion, a guided meditation, prayer and closing off together.

    Both privilege we hold as cis people as well as difficulties we face ( i.e. internalized heteronormative ideas about gender) will be addressed. Different age groups will meet and talk about their experiences, and then an intergenerational exchange will take place.

    Facilitator: Ana Pieck

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Breath Ceremony

    Breath Ceremony

    A pop-up Breath-work Ceremony where we lay down for a deep journey into our bodies and energetic system.

    A combination of biodynamic breath-work and shamanic ceremony. Using a connected breath Sound and Movement, we can rebalance release and process... To bring us closer to a state of wholeness and happiness.

    The perfect way to let go, ready for a beautiful festival experience. For your FREEDOM.

    Facilitator: Lisa Li

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Breathing Deeper workshop

    Breathing Deeper workshop

    An interactive workshop to explore our emotions, how we feel, how we connect and how we breathe...

    A deeper dive into our bodies to take back parts of ourselves frozen and lost... to replace with love and connection.

    Facilitator: Lisa Li

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Introduction to Paganism and the Craft

    Introduction to Paganism and the Craft

    For those wishing to explore the Craft and/or build up their confidence as a Solitary Practitioner, it offers foundational knowledge and encouragement to progress along your own pathway.

    This will include an overview of Paganism, base Line Fundamentals, Pantheons & Deities, The Turning of The Wheel, Paths Within the Craft, How to Choose your path, Pagan Ethics, Metaphysics, spell construction, and much more.

    Facilitator: Brotherhood of Cernunnos

    Suitable for all age groups Location: Workshop dome

  • Polyamory Discussion Circle

    Polyamory Discussion Circle

    Polyamory Discussion Circle

    Facilitator: John Button

    Adults only Location: Workshop dome

  • Qi Gong Practice

    Qi Gong Practice

    Qi Gong Practice

    Facilitator: Leopard

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Queer Joy of Food

    Queer Joy of Food

    However absurd we find the binary of good/bad and healthy/unhealthy, it can still impact how we think and feel about food, health and our bodies.

    Queering - of course! - offers an alternative liberatory framing for making sense of our eating experiences and declaring a truce, maybe even finding joy.

    For anyone interested in exploring the logic that underpins nutrition confusion, food guilt, and body-shame and queer ways through.

    Facilitator: Lou Aphramor

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Queer spirit thriving in family settings

    Queer spirit thriving in family settings

    The idea of queer living and the idea of the state-sanctioned family (as in a family that produces offspring) are all to often are imagined by our culture to inhabit separate worlds that cannot merge.

    This is a space for adults to talk about the amazing parts and challenging parts of having caring responsibilities for children and being in queer community. This is a space to talk about the frustrations and celebrate the joys of having a queer family with kids. The joys of disrupting the hetero status quo of perhaps the burdens of it.

    Space to talk about sex life and kids, queer work and kids, frustrations with kids, pronouns, queer status and kids, queer kin vs friends vs parents/any other terms you are using and the practices you have to make them work into a family. Places where you had dreamed a lifestyle and it's either come to fruition or hasn't and how you are feeling about that.

    A place to build solidarity and community, and be heard and understood.

    Facilitator: Tessa Wills

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Queer Storytelling Workshop for All Ages

    Queer Storytelling Workshop for All Ages

    This is a performance workshop for children and adults, which includes the performance and celebration of folk tales representing queer families, connection and relationships.

    The performance will be followed by safe space for participants to create and share their own imagined stories of queer magical connections, through art, creative writing and oral Storytelling.

    Facilitator: Joanna Gilar

    Suitable for all age groups Location: Workshop dome

  • Reclaiming Queer Nature

    Reclaiming Queer Nature

    Reclaiming queer nature - from those who called us unnatural, from those who denied our love, from those who forgot our power.

     Shokti will tell tales of queer priesthoods around the world, of Goddess worship in ancient Europe, of gay monastics and cosmically conscious 19th century queers, of radical faeries and queer pagans.

    It’s time for queers to tell the world who we are, as we decolonise sexuality and gender from western materialist dogma, as we discover our roots and remember our own queer spiritual ways.

    Shokti will make a presentation and invite your contributions and observations.

    Facilitator: Shokti

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Shamanic Journeys

    Shamanic Journeys

    During the festival, Triskelion will take you on a magical shamanic journey to meet the Lady of Avalon.

    Facilitator: Triskelion

    Adults only Location: Workshop dome

  • Singing Workshops

    Singing Workshops

    A casual singing session, proving that singing is for everyone - no experience needed.

    Expect fun vocal and body warmups, making a human sound bath, sonic meditations, easy folk songs from around the world, rounds and sea shanties. I am also very open to people bringing their own songs to share, if they are easily teachable.

    There will be no gendered parts or sheet music. Just voices and bodies vibrating together, affirming that every sound that comes out of you is valid.

    Facilitator: Scarlet Lasoff

    Suitable for all age groups

    Location, first session:Workshop dome
    Location, second session
    : Outside - Meet at village hall

  • These claws shine into belonging: a shapeshifting ceremony exploring multispecies myth making though embodied ritual practices

    These claws shine into belonging: a shapeshifting ceremony exploring multispecies myth making though embodied ritual practices

    We will explore how folk histories and occult practices intersect as we become creators of our personal mythologies, and subvert patriarchal storytelling by making friends with sides of ourselves that seem monstrous.

    The dominant story of the hero’s journey in our collective consciousness usually involves an initiatory moment of violence, as he kills a beast or monster in order to save or be rewarded with a passive female character. Queerness has been - historically and politically overcoupled with monstrosity by the oppressive normative & hierarchical structures of power. Through creative and magic technologies, this has in turn given birth to rich vampire, werewolf, hybrid and beast queer mythologies - which act as safer fantasy landscapes where belonging through difference is celebrated.

    Therefore, in this ritual we will invoke a side of ourselves that we have outcasted, orphaned or shamed. Through poetic guided journeys, writing, movement and embodied shadow work, we will carry a dialogue with this personal monster. Through breathwork & alchemy techniques- we will allow our monster to shapeshift into our familiar - a creature of power that can mentor us towards healthier boundaries, a more integrated sense of self, deeper respect for our own needs and desires beyond the shackles of normativity. At the end of the ritual we will learn chaos magick techniques that use symbolism & spellcasting in order to integrate our transformation.

    We will draw these symbols on our skin with semi permanent tattoo markers - so you can carry your intention as adornment for the rest of the festival.

    Facilitator: Byuka

    Adults only Location: Workshop dome

  • Trans and non-binary Sacral healing workshop

    Trans and non-binary Sacral healing workshop

    From "The body keeps the score" to epigenetic research, science tells us that the trauma stored in our bodies makes us physically and mentally ill.

    Queer people carry disproportionate amounts of trauma, magnified by the shame. This workshop will invite us to transform the old paradigms of binary sacral power and rebirth into alignment that honours our queer nature.

    Through guided meditation, heart sharing and ceremony, together we will cleanse & alchemise our sacral centre. Fear and dysphoria that can disembody us, disconnect us from our intuition and block our healing. Trans and non-binary people are more than 4 times as likely to suffer from chronic pain & fatigue conditions like fibromyalgia, MS and hypermobility.

    To heal, we must realign our sacral centres, reconnect with the spirit of the womb and cast out shame and the gender binary from our sacred sexual core.

    Facilitator: Carnelian

    Suitable for under 18 if accompanied by an adult Location: Workshop dome

  • Wild Eco-Storytelling Rites

    Wild Eco-Storytelling Rites

    This workshop is an oral storytelling space which explores the multiplicity of forgotten fairy tales.

    We will reforge old stories, using breath, body and spoken word to explore their wild fluidity and forgotten complexity. While fairy tales are often seen as closed into heteronormative happy endings, we will open them up to celebrate unspoken, radical and forgotten moments of relating between humans and across species.

    The workshop will conclude with a simple rite to honour the living multiplicity of story. If appropriate and participants agree, the session could lead to a co-created performance, developed within session, but performed afterwards and open to all.

    Facilitator: Joanna Gilar

    Adults only Location: Workshop dome

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Preview photos now ready. Please let us know if you attended but haven't received the link email

Preview photos now ready. Please let us know if you attended but haven't received the link email.

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