It changed my life

A real feel of harmony and celebration

A beautiful and unique happening

The ceremonies were all brilliant and they felt very special

Heart-opening, nice to be in fields with fellow queers!

Filled with absolute joy, love and spirit

Loved how intimate it was

The energy from start to finish was beautifully palpable and entrancing

A thriving experience, an eloquent education

Connected, Accepted, Belonging

Thank you all so much for an incredible gathering of queer magic

A spirited lovefest like no other

Life changing. I made friends for life. Most amazing event of my life.

Utterly 100% accepted and celebrated for who I am

Frequently asked questions

We understand that there are many questions people may have around all events and so we have compiled a "FAQ" list which hope may answer your questions.

Blog piece about Queer Spirit: Why Queer Spirit?

The festival is at Bridwell Park which is beautifully hidden from public view in the heart of Devon’s glorious countryside. One might say, the estate is a hidden gem.. Full address, travel information and map with route planner can be found on the Festival location page
Location information

The site will be open to the public from 2pm on Thursday 17 August 2023. You will need to be off the site by 6pm Monday 21 August 2023. The entry gate is open between 10am to 10pm (2pm on the Thursday.)  No vehicles (other than emergency access) are allowed in or out of the site between 11pm and 7am. There will be various things going on from about 4pm on the Thursday.

We have a limited number of weekend tickets available on a first come first served basis. Weekend tickets allow access to the festival from 10am Saturday 19 August 2023.

The festival is an LGBTQ+ festival open to all that are happy to be in this kind of space. If you are not sure what this means you may find our statement on gender useful to read. All age groups are welcome, although there will be some parts that are adult only. Under 18's will need to come with an adult.

No animals are allowed on site unless prior agreement has been made with Queer Spirit.

There may be limited availability to phone chargers, however we encourage everyone to consider reducing their battery requirements and also suggest people consider bringing their own solar (or even wind!) generators. If you have accesibility requirements for power, please contact us in advance.

The festival is all camping although there may be glamping and/or limited accommodation available. There will also be a limited number of spaces for live-in vehicles. We will have a accessible camping area (please contact us before booking if you want to be part of that.)

Part of the sustainability policy of Queer Spirit is around the reduction of pollution, damage to the ground and general disturbance to other campers caused by vehicles and so the only vehicles that are allowed past the car park are pre-booked and paid for live-in vehicles and authorised site traffic. The camp site is a couple of hundred metres from the car park and if you have any concerns about getting your camping gear there, please do contact us before the festival.

We have camp site toilets, hot showers and sauna. There will be drinking water available in the camping areas. We have various places selling vegetarian and vegan food. There won't be a bar on site and we don't have a cash machine or public telephone. Mobile signal isn't bad on most networks considering we are in a big field.  We will have a donations based charging area for mobile phones/devices in the village hall. 

We are going to have a wide range of things available for you - workshops, ceremonies and rituals, music and dancing, entertainers and cabaret, great cafe's, interesting stalls selling wondrous things, sauna, healing garden relaxation space and more!

Your ticket gives you entry to the festival and includes camping, access to all entertainment, workshops, rituals and other activities.  Food is not included so you can self cater plus there will be places selling delicious vegetarian and vegan food.  We are also aiming to have stalls selling interesting things for you to peruse and purchase. The healing garden will be offering various treatments and therapies and these will work on a scaled payment basis. If you will be coming by car there is a small car park charge. This is "per car" so a great incentive to car share if you can.

We have decided not to issue printed tickets as this helps us keep the price down and also can contribute towards making the festival greener. Instead, when you book we will send you an email (normally within 20 minutes) which is your booking confirmation and "e-ticket" (both as the email and also as an attached PDF file.) You can then show us the e-ticket on a mobile device such as a smart phone, or you can print out and bring the ticket with you. If you have any problems with using our booking and e-ticket system please do contact us.

Please do take a look at the Help make it happen page and / or get in touch with us soon.

Queer Spirit

Social stream

Traveling up and down from London, are any Car shares available or travel companions if going by train or coach - please contact me.

Bernard and 10 others have joined the group Travel shares 08/06/2023

With the Glamping option, are the Bell Tents secure, do they have zippers that you can put a small padlock on, to protect Tent contents?

Hello, I am looking for a shared lift from Swansea (first choice), Cardiff or even Bristol. Please get in touch if you can offer.😀

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