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Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

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I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all


Shokti - Core team & Founder

Shokti is a spiritual activist, involved in Radical Faerie gatherings around the world since 2001, a founder of Folleterre Faerie Sanctuary in France, the Albion Faerie community in the UK, and of Queer Spirit Festival.


Triskelion – Core Team & Sacred Sexuality

Triskelion is a queer shamanic drum maker, healer, spiritual activist and educator. Working with the LGBTQIA+ community providing affirmative GSRD Counselling and mentorship programmes across Wales and England. 


Daniel - Site

Daniel has supported and held many workshops around queer sacred sexuality, conscious connection and consent. He's a writer, counsellor and non binary trans man from Wales.


Miqhx - Founder & Campaigns

Miqhx has worked as a drama teacher, psychiatric nurse and housing support worker as well as being part of a co-operative working with wholefoods, radical books and community arts.

Buzzy Cnayl

Buzzy 🐌 Cnayl  - Technical

I believe the energies and sounds that music and lighting bring are an incredibly healing and magical thing that really shine out at festivals. I really enjoy helping bring that magic to every Queer Spirit festival, with lights, lasers and sound systems. 


Blossom - Performance

Heading up the Performance Team, and a veteran of every QSF, Blossom is a singer and songwriter (muggle name Marc Block), with Queer folk songs and generally pleasing vibes


Qweaver - Village Hall & Energy Circle

I’m a queer, non-binary, magical being. How wonderful to be able to say that out loud! Since the 90s I’ve been active in LGBTQ+ support and community-making, through groups like London Friend, Edward Carpenter Community, Radical Faeries of Albion and Loving Men +. In faeries I was part of the early visioning that helped birth Queer Spirit Festival, something that fills me with gratitude and joy as I see the festival grow and collective consciousness rising. 

 Gloria Gloria (Paul Rathbone)

Gloria Gayer (Paul Rathbone) - Technical and DJ Performance

The 2017 festival was a spiritual awakening for me. Having always appreciated creating events I recognised the importance of contributing here and in 2019 I was welcomed to help create Queer Spirit. 

Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water

I have had the privilege of running the healing area for Queer Spirit since it started and it has been exciting to see it grow.

I have been a holistic practitioner since 2007, touring the festival circuit during the summer and based in West London during the winter. I work at a diverse range of festivals, Glastonbury, Buddhafield, Boomtown to name but a few, offering individual sessions and teaching workshops.

Al Head

Al Head - Founder

I am a queer, genderqueer human.  I am a pagan and an energy-worker.  I have been leading rituals and running pagan workshops for over 30 years.  Currently I lead 'This Land Sex Magic' and other energy-related workshops.
I am the author of 'Queer Deity, Sacred Slut'

The Queer Spirit team has several decades combined experience in working in and creating festivals, workshops and other events in the LGBT+ area. We work to draw upon the knowledge and experience of others so as to create spaces that are amazing but also safe and held.

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