A real feel of harmony and celebration

Filled with absolute joy, love and spirit

Life changing. I made friends for life. Most amazing event of my life.

The energy from start to finish was beautifully palpable and entrancing

Loved how intimate it was

Utterly 100% accepted and celebrated for who I am

Connected, Accepted, Belonging

A beautiful and unique happening

A spirited lovefest like no other

It changed my life

The ceremonies were all brilliant and they felt very special

Heart-opening, expansive...so nice to be in fields with fellow queers!

Thank you all so much for an incredible gathering of queer magic

A thriving experience, an eloquent education

Let's celebrate

At Queer Spirit Festival:
Let's celebrate
women loving women
men loving men
queerness in all its fabulous forms...

born of nature
born to love
born to liberate
born to celebrate
life so gay
life so queer
to build cosmic community
is why we come here

to planet earth
to assist the birth
of the Aquarian Age
to help humanity
turn the page
away from conflict
and into connection

reclaiming queer nature ...
as the mycelium of the species ...
weavers of pathways
magicians and fools
with erotic, aphrodisiac and dionysiac tools

divine secrets in our love making
we live beyond rules
and find our own ways
for we are a people
deeply entwined with
the mysteries of
the Ancient of Days.

Reuniting our souls with
earth, air, fire, water and spirit
magic ones returning
and reclaiming our ways
reclaiming queer nature:
the world will be amazed.

by Shokti: Rainbow Messenger Blog

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Traveling up and down from London, are any Car shares available or travel companions if going by train or coach - please contact me.

Bernard and 10 others have joined the group Travel shares 08/06/2023

With the Glamping option, are the Bell Tents secure, do they have zippers that you can put a small padlock on, to protect Tent contents?

Hello, I am looking for a shared lift from Swansea (first choice), Cardiff or even Bristol. Please get in touch if you can offer.😀

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