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Thank you to everyone for creating a wonderful space for all! 

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I had an amazing time at queer spirit. Would definitely return! 

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There is not a moment I would not was such a wonderful time... thank you all

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Sacred Sexuality Temple  – Born of Earth, Born to Love
by Triskelion

Youhoooo Queer Spirits: after spending a few lovely days celebrating Imbolc at Paddington Farm in Glastonbury, including a wonderful Radical Faerie No Talent Show, where I could see everyone leaning into the restorative Imbolc space of connection and celebration, I'm thinking about our queer ancestors: remembering, and re-learning resilient practices from our ancestors can help us to grow our creativity. I find myself thinking about Sacred Sexuality, and as we move towards Pisces month (Feb 19-March 19), about the need for the emotional expression of the Earth. 

Thinking deeper, I'm focussing specifically about the connection and celebration that we experience at Queer Spirit Festival. This year, Glastonbury Goddess Temple will be joining us in celebration of the Goddess and with this I was considering about how sacred sexuality in past cultures was characterised with an intimate connection to the earth and the Goddess. Rituals were feasts where we gave back our sensuality as a thank you to Mother Earth. The Earth is as physical as we are and  by connecting with each other physically, we can heal cellularly. We can access it through the wakefulness, perception, and presence for each other, and by becoming sensually present for this Earth.

The healing of love whilst including erotic love, also includes a new relationship to all of nature. By connecting with the gender expansiveness of the divine non-binary, masculinity, and femininity we can connect with divine energy and reintegrate our world to heal the pain of separation. By reintegrating our personal world into the overall world of life we can begin to heal the pain of  isolation. Ultimately this means connecting with the divine centre in all things: When we see the qualities of a being that belongs in its entirety to the sacred world, then there can be no hostility.

Grounding ourselves into the Earth allows us to bring our bodies into deeper union with life as our personal and universal life force become one. We recognize that the sacred we’ve been looking for isn’t in the heavens but here on earth, it’s in you, in nature, in encounters with other beings and in erotic love. When we rekindle this erotic energy, we come into a positive  relationship with our own self, with  each other, and the Earth.

So, with this in mind, and six months until we open the gates of the next Queer Spirit Festival, we’re pleased to share that we have an exciting line up of workshop and ritual facilitators for 2024’s  Sacred Sexuality Temple (SST). Paying tribute to and standing on the shoulders of past Sacred Sexuality Temple organisers we are pleased to share that we have an accomplished team of workshop facilitators from all over the world, from Israel, Milan, Berlin to the UK who will be taking us on a magically energetic, erotic journey. In addition to this, we have decided not to have a registration or sign-up process for workshops in the Sacred Sexuality Temple. However, for those with disabilities we will be holding back  a number of reserved places to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the workshops. Finally, to support this year’s workshop facilitators and everyone who joins us in the Sacred Sexuality Temple, we have a dedicated team of Priestex’s who will be holding space in the temple throughout the festival  to ensure that events run seamlessly. 

Looking forward to seeing you in the Sacred Sexuality Temple.

Blessings Triskelion.


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